2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup shows its size next to Ranger, F-150

The bloat of the new car is real. In a world where vehicles are bigger than ever, new car buyers have been asking automakers to downsize vehicles so they can actually fit in their garages. That’s what makes compact pickups like the 2022 Ford Maverick so refreshing.

Recently, people from Maverick Truck Club (as reported by Engine1) spotted a Carbonized Gray Maverick next to its two big brothers, the Ford Ranger and F-150. The comparison helps show just how small Ford’s new pickup really is and sets a whole new modern precedent for compact pickups.

Now we already knew the Maverick was small. At 72.6 inches wide, the Maverick is about 7% narrower than the Ranger and over 10% narrower than the F-150. As for height, the roofline sits at just 68.7 inches, or about 5.75 feet. That’s 4.6 inches shorter than the Ranger and almost 7 inches shorter than the F-150.

But those are numbers, and the real key to understanding just how much smaller the Maverick really is is to visualize it next to its parents. The new Maverick photos help do just that, especially the front-end photo which shows how much lower the truck sits, and also how much better it fits between the lines of a parking spot.

Ford’s closest competitor to the Maverick will be the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which we recently tested and was thoroughly impressed. Brand loyalists will likely have no problem sticking with Ford for a utility truck, however, the lines start to blur when comparing Santa Cruz’s top-of-the-line SEL trim to Maverick’s Lariat. , both of which can cost north of $40,000 with the right options. And if General Motors returns to the game as planned, there will be yet another option on the horizon for the compact pickup market.

Right now you can’t actually buy a Maverick, but you can configure and reserve one on the Ford website starting at the affordable price of around $21,000. The Blue Oval claims to begin deliveries to customers of the small pickup from fall 2021.

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