3 inmates hide drugs in private rooms, contraband bid fails | News Ludhiana

LUDHIANA: Ludhiana police have jailed three inmates of a prison for allegedly carrying more than 100 intoxicating tablets and intoxicating powder in their private parts. The defendants were identified as sahil, Anshu and sonu singh.
Police officials said the defendants were taken to the respective courts in different cases on June 14. Upon their return, Borstal prison authorities became suspicious upon seeing the way the trio were walking. They said when searching, nothing was found, but initially.
Upon strictly interrogating the trio and after searching them again, officials found drugs in polythene bags inside the trio’s private parts. They added that the defendant’s recovery included 102 intoxicating tablets and 13 grams of intoxicating powder.
The cops said that after the recovery, Tajpur Police Station of Number Seven Division Police Station was informed about the case.
The police subsequently incarcerated the accused under the relevant sections of the NDPS Act.
Case Investigator, ASI Sunil Kumar said the accused will be brought from prison on a production warrant and questioned about the source of the contraband. He said all of the defendants were over 21. While Sahil is incarcerated in a vehicle theft case, Anshu is wanted in a theft case and Sonu in an attempted murder case.
Police officials said prisoners bringing the shipment up their rectums is not uncommon as there are no body scanners in prisons to check the practice. They added that there is a risk of infection for carriers who bring various prohibited substances into the rectum inside the prison.


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