5 Best Parts on eBay Motors to Prepare Your Van for Vanlife

With all the stresses of life these days, an increasing number of people are turning to vanlife where new age nomads pack so many of today’s conveniences into a van to create livable space and then hit the road . You’ll obviously need to empty the van to add things like a bed and maybe a kitchen area, but if you’re looking to try your hand at #vanlife here are some great items you can find on eBay Motors to get one ready popular minivan options – the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit or Ram ProMaster – for life on the road.


Buy DIY insulators from eBay Motors.

Turning a vehicle into a home can seem like a daunting task, but the first step is to add insulation. Insulation helps keep extreme temperatures out of the interior, making it comfortable inside when it’s hot or cold outside, and adding insulation will also help prevent blisters from forming. condensation inside the vehicle. Since most modern full-size cargo vans, like the Mercedes Sprinter, don’t have factory insulation, a few rolls of insulation like this product from Unitherm applied to the floor, walls and roof will allow vanlifers to easily regulate the temperature inside the vehicle.


5 Best eBay Motors Parts to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Vanlife

Buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter roof vent from eBay Motors.

Keeping extreme temperatures out of the van is an important first step, but adding some kind of ventilation system (when the engine is not running) will further maximize the overall comfort level. A high budget can afford a window air conditioning unit, but installing a power roof vent is a more affordable solution to keep the air flowing inside the van. Maxxfan is by far the most popular choice for roof mounted fans. This upgrade is not for the faint of heart however, as most air vents will require a hole to be cut in the roof of the van.


5 Best eBay Motors Parts to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Vanlife

Buy a generator on eBay Motors.

Living off the grid means you’re going to have to create your own network, and that means adding some sort of Generator to your build. The easiest way to power your van is to not wire up the whole van like you would a house and buy a self-contained battery power station. These are portable, can be charged by your vehicle while driving or via small solar panels, and they’re great for charging devices and powering small appliances.


5 Best eBay Motors Parts to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Vanlife

Buy Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tires on eBay Motors.

The point of vanlife is to get out and explore what the road has to offer, so you certainly don’t want to skimp on the part of your vehicle that actually touches the road: tires. Whether you’re looking for all-weather tires for highway cruising or meatier tires for overland expeditions, eBay Motors has a huge selection of tires for every type of vehicle.

Roof Galerie

5 Best eBay Motors Parts to Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for Vanlife

Buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter roof rack from eBay Motors.

Storage space is a scarce resource when building a van you plan to live in. roof Galerie provides a great place to store items that you may not always need immediate access to. There are many types (and price ranges) of roof racks available on eBay Motors, from basic cross rails to full-size racks capable of holding just about anything, including kayaks, bikes, jerry cans, etc. Whichever type of roof rack you choose, you will increase the amount of usable space available inside the van. Don’t forget to also buy a ladder to climb it.

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