7 tips for beginners for expanding the virtuous cycle

Since From Software released its Dark souls series and other Soulsborne games, the action RPG subgenre has changed dramatically. Modern games favor a more complex approach to combat and storytelling. Challenging boss fights, challenging situations, and a minimalist approach to storytelling form all the building blocks of games inspired by Dark souls. Deadly shell is no different – it also spawns a series of tough enemies that players must meet and defeat at every stage.

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Crossing the world of Deadly shell is not an easy task; players face dangers every turn, often only catching their breath at checkpoints. Having received positive feedback from the gaming community, Deadly shell is now releasing its new DLC, The Virtuous Cycle. With added story elements, perilous enemies, and new environments, players will need all the help they can find in dealing with this new content. Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting the DLC.

7 Hadern and Axatana

hadern in deadly shell the virtuous circle dlc

The first thing players need to do when starting their game on The Virtuous Cycle DLC is to unlock Hadern and the Axatana. To do this, players must start a seed with a particular weapon and shell. After interacting with a pillar and gaining an instinct, they can either die or exit the main menu to start another cycle and sow.

This time it will be another shell and a weapon; different from the previous seed to unlock a new instinct. Players should keep repeating this strategy until all shells and weapons are covered. Ultimately, players will unlock Hadern and Axatana, the latter being a very powerful weapon for the start of the DLC.


6 Find the right benefits

foundling with lute going to a runic gate

The new DLC’s roguelike mode means players will have to face off against hordes of enemies until a cycle is completed. If players want to become powerful at the start of the cycle, they have to choose the right perks at the first runic gate. Out of all the perks listed, players should invest their glimpses into the Conserve Tar perk (as dying in reverie will not allow players to conserve tar) and improve Last Chance.

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With the second perk, players can get their first life back if they interact with a pillar, after being knocked out of their shell. If they have any glimpse left, players should also invest in Legendary Level and Epic Luck, as they will be worth it.

5 Tar collection

deadly shell player kills enemies to collect tar

tar in Deadly shellThe Virtuous Cycle DLC can only be lost if it is displayed at the bottom right of the player screen. Tar collected and kept in inventory will not be lost if the player dies during a particular cycle. It is recommended that players collect as much tar as possible at the start of the DLC. This will be crucial to ensure that they become extremely powerful at the start of the DLC and make their races and cycles easier.

Whether it’s luring enemy little fry and scavenging their tar, or finding the hidden passage when fighting the Grisha to collect tar bags, tar will be important throughout the game. also helps the player to interact with different pillars that glow yellow.

4 Shadow of the Anointed Butcher of Eredrim

deadly shell find eredrim shell

Unlocking the Shadow of the Butcher of Eredrim at the start of the DLC will really help cause the player to become nearly invincible during cycles and alleviate the difficulty of the game. The Eredrim Shell itself is quite heavy and can take a hit. Adding the Shadow of the Anointed Butcher will also increase Eredrim’s base damage by an additional 20.

In order for players to unlock the Shadow of the Anointed Butcher, they will need to kill the Grisha inside the cave at least five times. Each time the Grisha is killed, Eredrim’s base damage increases through Instinct, and the Grisha also drops a little Glimpse. These additional glimpses can be used at the runic gate for better benefits.

3 Obtain the Abundance benefit

Deadly Shell Abundance Benefit Menu

The Abundance perk is very useful if the player is doing Foundling or Obsidian races, as it replaces all items on the map with Deadly Instincts. However, players must continue to do their races and cycles until they use all of the shells and weapons (including Hadern and Axatana).

Once those races are complete, they can begin their Foundling races and include the Abundance perk at the Runic Gate. It will also ensure that all items collected in previous races remain intact and that their effects are added to deadly instincts which can be picked up through the Abundance perk.

2 Buy the simple lute

play the simple lute in deadly shell

Three Lutes can be purchased in The Virtuous Cycle DLC with a predetermined amount of Tar. They can be a bit difficult to find, as they are slightly hidden in the game world. Once players find the lutes, they must purchase the single lute for 25,000 tar. The Single Lute adds an additional 30 points to the player’s health bar.

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In the roguelike nature of the DLC, health is the most important thing, as it will allow players to continue doing multiple races. Players should also purchase the Single Lute if they plan to do Foundling and Obsidian races, as the HP boost with it is still applicable.

1 Get super hard instinct

deadly shell unlocking the hardened mechanic

Super Hard Instinct can be found in Pillars when players want to go for a different Instinct. While it can be hit or miss at times and differs a lot in the order of approach and interaction with the pillars, players should achieve this instinct whenever possible. This will allow players to use the Harden ability and move around for a specific amount of time.

Basically, this makes the player character invulnerable to attacks for a few seconds, while players can move around and damage their enemies. In the normal Harden ability, players are invulnerable to an attack, but cannot move without letting go of their shell.

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