A Hummer 3 times bigger with 3 additional engines

The United Arab Emirates or United Arab Emirates is a relatively small country with a relatively small population of around 10 million – more than 30 times less than that of the United States.

There is something big in the United Arab Emirates, something so big and American that it is surprising that it comes from the other side of the world.

It’s a Hummer H1, an all-American utility vehicle from General Engines and synonymous with the military and big, guzzling diesels – or big, shiny rims and stretched limos with jacuzzi tubs in the back.

This one is different though; it’s a Hummer H1 X3, which is three times the scale size of a standard Hummer H1 – we take a quick look at the few details that have come to light.

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The Hummer H1 X3: it’s built in Asia and all American underneath

This is actually a project commissioned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (aka the Rainbow Sheikh), also an owner of automobile museums and the inspired mind behind various oversized versions of production vehicles.

He ordered the Hummer H1 project to be 3 times larger than the normal car and 27 times larger in volume.

It has 4 diesel engines and a top speed of just under 20 mph, so it won’t break any speed limit, but that’s not the point of this vehicle; the interior is personalized and fitted out to be a space for reception and entertainment.

Actually based on a US Army LARC-LX amphibious vehicle it is internally spread over two floors, downstairs there is a toilet and sink and up the stairs there is a Majlis (the reception area) – we can only speculate if there is also access to some kind of bar or kitchen in this area.

This vehicle is a real replica from the outside at least and takes the spirit of the real Hummer and works with the idea to an almost ridiculous degree.

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Nothing can stop the 22-foot Hummer: except emissions regulations

So it’s 22ft high, 46ft long and 20ft wide – too big for normal roads and certainly for most bridges – and there’s probably no one there to belay you and it will be difficult to s register to drive.

But that doesn’t matter because there’s only one, and it’s not for sale – it was commissioned for the owner’s Sharjah Off-Road History Museum.

Inside this museum there are other large cars and the Rainbow Sheik also holds a Guinness World Record for its collection of 718 4×4 vehicles – like a Jay Leno from the Middle East.

By contrast, Jay Leno currently owns just under 300 vehicles, including vintage exotics and supercars.

The 1000hp Hummer X3 likely lacks the amphibious capabilities of the LARC LX Army vehicle it borrows the underpinnings from, but presumably can still handle loads of up to 100 tons like the original vehicle.

Back in the US, the GMC Hummer will make a comeback as an electric vehicle and will also be capable of 1,000 hp; with presumably fewer direct emissions than its predecessor.

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