A shotgun shell-shaped bottle says “Load your guns”

UK-based e-commerce company Roar Ambition knows how packaging can help differentiate its supplement products. In 2015, for example, she worked with TricorBraun to develop a closed fist wrap to market their Instant Knockout fat burning supplement for men.

Roar Ambition and TricorBraun also collaborated on an innovative packaging for 4 Gauge, a pre-workout formula supplement powder launched in January 2017 in a rigid bottle that resembles a 4-caliber shotgun cartridge. Two promotional slogans that Unite the shotgun cartridge packaging with the muscle building properties of the product say, “Load up your guns” and “When you need more ammo to kill those weights!” “

TricorBraun procured a high density polyethylene bottle and custom closure lined with polypropylene PP with a gold metal sheath. The bottle is designed with a raised edge at the top to mimic the edge of a shotgun cartridge. The body of the packaging is wrapped in a transparent plastic film which provides tamper proofing and preserves the quality and freshness of the product.

Robert Parker, owner and president of Roar Ambition, came up with the idea for a bottle that looked like a shotgun holster. “I sleep and dream a lot, that’s where the ideas come from,” he explains, “A shotgun comes in different gauges and the lower the number the more powerful the shot. Four is the lowest, but they are no longer manufactured. I knew I wanted the color red to coincide with the feeling of energy. Gauge number four of 4 also represents an all-natural, four-in-1 pre-workout formula designed to improve raw strength, high focus, long-lasting energy, and intense muscle pumps.

Management of multiple suppliers

The 4 Gauge container needed to stand out from the competition on social media and other online marketing avenues, as it is sold directly to customers online. Additionally, the size of the container had to be sized to hold a specified amount of powder, and its container opening had to be large enough for the contracted filler.

Roar Ambition knew that visual disruption would be a critical factor in the success of their new product, created for a popular sports nutrition segment. The company targets a younger generation of fitness enthusiasts, men and women between the ages of 18 and 35. While powdered supplements are often sold in squeeze pouches, the theme for this new launch would include a hard bottle.

Given the successful launch of Instant Knockout, Parker was confident that TricorBraun would deliver the results he was looking for with 4 Gauge. The company reports that since the product’s launch, sales have increased 300% month over month.

Parker notes: “Based on my past experience, I knew that [TricorBraun’s] Joe [Mazzilli] would be able to easily handle the multiple US based vendors involved, get samples to me quickly, and take advantage of the design and engineering team to ensure a proper fit of a custom closure with a bottle of stock. While Joe and his international team managed it all, I was able to stay focused on our website, marketing and order fulfillment.

The development of packaging required the management of several components from various manufacturers, fillers and decorators. Mazzilli adds, “By working with multiple partners, we have remained aware of the unique challenges associated with e-commerce product delivery in terms of fit and function. Rob had a vision for differentiation and while we were able to achieve that, we also wanted to build brand loyalty by meeting consumer expectations. “

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