Apex Legends Storm Point Map Size, Details, Points of Interest & Fauna

Season 11 will add the Apex Legends Storm Point map to the game in less than a week, allowing players to finally set foot on the tropical sands and stormy shores of the game’s fourth map. Not only does Storm Point look like an island lush tropical with jungles, beaches, and old industrial facilities, but it’s also Apex Legends’ biggest map. The island’s slightly wilder nature also means there are PvE elements built into the map, as players can find wildlife nests full of angry creatures that reward more loot. With Apex Legends Season 11 launching less than a week away, here’s what we know about the new Storm Point map so you can get started as soon as it drops.

Apex Legends Storm Point release date

The new Apex Legends map, Storm Point, launches with Season 11 on November 2. According to Apex Legends lead designer Rodney Reece, the tropical island of Storm Point has been designed for the past two years since World’s Edge launched with a public game. in mind. The map has been designed with elements for “resolving bad encounters with third parties, optimal loot flow, and combat engagement for a better gaming experience.”

Storm Point is the biggest Apex Legends map

Apex Legends Season 11 new full map of Storm Point

(Image credit: EA)

Storm Point will be Apex Legends’ largest map once it is added as part of the Season 11 launch on November 2. Currently, World’s Edge holds the record for the largest map, but Storm Point is around 15% larger. From the gameplay trailer, it looks like there will be plenty of ways to move around the map including ziplines and the usual jumping towers but also through Trident vehicles as seen on Olympus and Gravity Cannons that propel players into the air.

Not only is Storm Point the largest map in size, but there will also be plenty of POIs marked on the map from the start. The original World’s Edge and Olympus maps had 15 and 16 POIs, respectively, but Storm Point will have 17, tied only with the very first Kings Canyon. The three old maps have obviously changed a lot and gained a lot more POIs as the seasons have changed in Apex Legends, so Storm Point will undoubtedly receive the same treatment with so many open areas ready for additional POIs as of today. over time.

Points of interest on Storm Point

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Storm Point Map Barometer Point of Interest

(Image credit: EA)

As mentioned earlier, Storm Point has 17 POIs right off the bat. There are plenty of options to choose from, but there are small camps in Storm Point if your chosen drop-off point seems to be a bit busy. Here is what you can expect from each POI:

  • Barometer: In the heart of Storm Point’s southwest quadrant, the Barometer is a large rotating platform with tons of loot.
  • Command center: A large concrete complex inside Storm Point Mountain in the northeast that features some of Apex Legends’ longest ziplines to date.
  • Antenna: A network of walkways and platforms above a large flat east of the barometer.
  • Checkpoint: A cluster of buildings northwest of Storm Point that are high above dense jungle and surrounded by rocky cliffs.
  • Lightning rod: A large industrial structure on top of the mountain in the far northeast of Storm Point. His tower is the highlight of the map!
  • Storm catcher: Just southwest of the command center is Storm Catcher – a facility with a cramped interior, exterior balconies, and overlooking a large hill.
  • North border: A launch site in the northwest corner of Storm Point that includes an extensive network of trenches and bunkers.
  • The mill: This is Storm Point’s westernmost point of interest and features two large circular wind farms with prominent loot inside
  • Disembarkation: The rear part of the Hestia spacecraft which crashed into Storm Point constitutes this POI.
  • Cenotes cave: A large coral cave between the mill and the barometer which is isolated by water from all sides and only a few bridges
  • The wall: This POI acts as a key choke point between the northwest and northeast sections of the map, separating the beaches from the mountain
  • High point: You’ll find Highpoint west of Lightning Rod on the northern edge of Storm Point. It’s home to the only jump tower on the map and sits on top of a large hill on the mountain.
  • Thunder Watch: A close-up area that serves as a gateway to the top of the mountain in the northeastern part of the map
  • Cascade Falls: One of the more central areas on the map, Cascade Falls is a cluster of occupied buildings near a waterfall.
  • Launch site: This southeast launch facility includes three platforms and a large control building located in an alcove within the river.
  • Fish farms: A mini archipelago within Storm Point, Fish Farms has many small buildings spread over several small islands separated by water
  • Gale station: Just west of Fish Farms, you’ll see Gale Station – a collection of buildings that overlook the farms from a hill

Apex Legends Season 11 New Storm Point Map Antenna POI

(Image credit: EA)

You can read more about Storm Point and its POIs in this Apex Legends blog post. here.

Storm Point adds PvE wildlife to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 11 New Storm Point Map Rangers Attacking Ash

(Image credit: EA)

One of the main features of Storm Point is that it has wild animal nests which add a PvE element to Battle Royale matches in Apex Legends. Getting too close to a nest will anger the creatures inside and trigger a combat encounter. If you manage to successfully fight wildlife, you will be rewarded with ammo, attachments, and other consumable items like healing items. A small portion of the wildlife damage also contributes to upgrading your EVO shield, and each team member gets crafting materials when they clear the nest.

Apex Legends Season 11 new map of storm points, wild animal nests marked on the map

(Image credit: EA)

The creatures that you will fight with on Storm Point are the Rangers, Spiders, and Flyers. Prowler will roam near their dens. If you get too close, they will attack in packs and even more will come out of the den. Damaging large eggs will unleash a swarm of nimble spiders across the map that will use ranged web attacks to take you down. Each nest of prowlers and spiders is marked on the map with a red icon, so you know where each nest is and what’s inside. Nests are also the same in every match and each can only be cleared once per match. Finally, just like in Kings Canyon, the Fliers will fly around Storm Point hugging death boxes with loot inside. Tickle them with balls to make them drop the box.

Gravity cannons are everywhere in Storm Point

Apex Legends Season 11 New Storm Point Map Gravity Cannons Gameplay Trailer

(Image credit: EA)

Now that you know all the places to visit on Storm Point, how are you going to get there? Gravity cannons that shoot you great distances are a new alternative form of transportation. Entering one of these cannons will launch you in a particular direction, but you’ll have slight control in the air to adjust your landing position. Along with the proper moves, you’ll have full control over your Legend, including your abilities and weapons, so it will be interesting to see what Gravity Cannon trickshots players can pull off and how Legend’s abilities interact with them.

Apex Legends Season 11 New Storm Point Map Gravity Cannons Gameplay Trailer

(Image credit: EA)

These cannons appear to be a sort of replacement for the usual jump towers on other Apex Legends maps. There is only one jump tower on Storm Point, so you’ll have to use the cannons and Tridents to get around the island quickly and escape the ring. Mobility Legends like Valkyrie, Octane, and Horizon can be strong enough on this map to make it easier to get around as well, but keep an eye out for the patch notes to see how the Legends change with Season 11.

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