AR-15 gun parts sold with ‘Let’s go Brandon’ and ‘F – k Joe Biden’

Gun dealers carry AR-15 products and ammunition stamped “Let’s go Brandon” – and even “Fk Joe Biden”.

Companies including Culper Precision and My southern tactic advertise the AR-15 “Let’s Go Brandon” magazines, both featuring images of the president as well as the now ubiquitous phrase that mocks him.

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) also announces an upcoming $ 60 “LETSGO-15 Multi Brandon” stripped lower receiver for AR-15.

It has three modes, each clearly marked on the coin – “FK!” (Safe), “JOE! “(Fire),” BIDEN! “(Full-Auto)” was the real line NASCAR fans chanted when an NBC Sports reporter mistook it for supporting driver Brandon Brown.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a right-wing code for blasphemy directed against President Biden.
Shows a gun clip with an image of a masked President Biden and the slogan "Come on, Brandon."
The My Souther Tactical company is gaining attention after releasing weapon parts with the right-wing slogan “Come on Brandon”.
My southern tactic
Cartoon of President Biden on a gun clip with googly eyes on President Biden's eyes.
One of the products made by Culper Precision, a Utah-based gun store, features “googly eyes” on a cartoon of President Biden.
Culper Precision

“I love the way PSA is in touch with the current state of Let’s Go Brandon that more than half of America and other parts of the world are chanting,” wrote a commentator on the company’s website. Caroline from the south.

“The current administration is destroying our country,” complained the critic.

The three companies did not respond to requests for comment from NBC News, which first reported on sales.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service, which is investigating threats against the president, declined to comment, NBC said.

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