Arcade1Up steps up its replica arcade cabinets with full-size “pro” machines

Retro gaming is big business. Whether it’s high-end retro handhelds or high-priced mini arcade cabinets, there’s a huge following and a mint to be had by companies eager to stoke our nostalgia – and l one of the market leaders is now taking things to the next level.

Announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the maker of replica arcade Arcade1Up takes its lineup to the next level with its first “Pro Series” arcade machines – full-size, grease-packed recreations of cabinets for the real hardcore.

This new line does not replace existing Arcade1Up products, which have now sold nearly 3 million units, but rather a new mainstay of the company’s product lines. It joins the traditional Arcade1Up machines (recreations of three-quarter smaller cabinets), the Junior range (even smaller cabinets for kids), the Infinity game table (an electronic table that can play digital board games) and electronic pinball machines.

The first of the Pro Series machines to be officially introduced is a recreation of the classic Killer Instinct cabinets from the 90s. of components in the original arcade cabinets of the time, and a huge step up from the standard A1U’s generic buttons and sticks. machinery. The Killer Instinct cabinet includes KI, KI2, Battletoads Arcade, and 8 and 16 bit versions of Battletoads. More Pro Series machines will be released throughout 2022.

A trio of new three-quarter-sized cabinets, each based around three companies, were also announced at CES. One is for Bandai-Namco, with 14 games from that publisher’s stable, including Pac-Man. The Midway firm leads with Mortal Kombat but also offers 14 games in total, while the Atari firm leads with Cetipede and, again, offers 14 games in total. We’ve seen these ‘Legacy’ cabinets from Arcade1Up’s publisher before, but these new 2022 variants each feature two additional games.

Arcade1Up has continued to do well for its parent company Tastemakers, LLC, and is quickly becoming a top name in home arcades. Regular VG247 readers will know that I’m a bit of an arcade fanatic and own several original cabinets myself – but Arcade1Up is one of the few companies creating more affordable, size-conscious offerings for those who want a little slice of the eighties or 90s in their game room.

According GameSpot. That puts it in an interesting category – because for that kind of price you can certainly build an original emulation-powered cabinet with a Raspberry Pi or similar – and it’s not even that far off the cost of buying a machine original. It’s starting to become a complicated equation, though – as if the build quality of the original cabinets were likely to be superior (they were, after all, designed to survive arcade abuse), they come with maintenance costs. and high continuous delivery.

Despite the supply chain issues taking their toll, 2021 has been another exciting year for the home arcade world, with plenty of new products and developments. I’ll be keeping an eye out for developments in the coming year – and might even choose one of these full-size cabinets to check out the build quality. If I do, I will report it. But don’t tell my partner if I get one.

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