Arms Dealers Sell Weapon Parts and Ammunition Using Anti-Biden Slogan “Come On, Brandon”

Arms dealers market parts of arms and ammunition using a right-wing slogan widely understood as a code of blasphemy directed against President Joe Biden.

Palmetto State Armory, which operates a 12,000 square foot gun store in Columbia, SC, the state capital, markets a “LETSGO-15 Lower receiver stripped”, which is a part intended for an AR-15 style assault rifle.

The product description on the company’s website states that the fire selector on the weapon part has three modes: Auto). “

“I love how PSA is in touch with the current state of Let’s Go Brandon,” says one of the comments below the product description. “More than half of America and other parts of the world are singing. The current administration is destroying our country.

The company did not respond to requests for comment from NBC News. A spokesperson for the US secret service, who is investigating threats against the president, declined to comment.

At least two other companies in other states, Culper Precision and My southern tactic, are promoting an AR-15 magazine for sale with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker.

The companies did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become the right-hand code for “F — Joe Biden”. Brandon Brown was interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter. A nearby crowd chanted something hard to make out, and the reporter suggested they chanted “Let’s go, Brandon” to cheer on the winning driver. But it became more and more clear that they were saying, “F — Joe Biden.”

A stripped lower receiver is the part of the AR-15 rifle that contains the serial number, making it the only part of the weapon that must be purchased from an authorized dealer.

Once banned by federal law, the AR-15 has become the most popular rifle in America, constituting a in five guns purchased each year, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. There are 15 million in circulation, say armed groups.

Law enforcement officials said variants of the AR-15 were used in mass shootings at a supermarket in Boulder, Colo., A synagogue in Pittsburgh, a church in Texas, a concert in Las Vegas, a high school in Florida and an elementary school in Connecticut.

The slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” has been used by several Republican politicians. The Associated Press reported that Republican Representative Bill Posey of Florida shouted the phrase while ending an October 21 speech in the House with a fist pump. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina wore a “Let’s Go Brandon” face mask on Capitol Hill last week, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz posed with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sign at the World Series. Senator Mitch McConnell’s press secretary retweeted a photo of the phrase on a construction sign in Virginia, the AP reported.

Southwest Airlines said on Sunday it was investigating an incident in which a pilot allegedly spoke the phrase over the intercom.

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