Aston Martin creates children’s version of James Bond’s favorite car

Aston Martin wants to help your child get on the road to international espionage.

The British brand has teamed up with the Little Car Company for a limited-edition variant of its pint DB5. The mini version of James bonds preferred route not only looks the part; it contains all the gadgets your kid needs to fight one or three super villains.

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the DB5 Junior No time to die Editing is like the iconic car that James Bond started driving in The golden finger, with three essential differences. The first is that it has been scaled down to 2: 3. This makes it significantly smaller than the original, but still large enough for an adult to drive. In fact, the front seat of the car is actually big enough for an adult and a child at the same time.

Aston Martin and Little Car Company & # x002019; s DB5 Junior & # x00201c; No Time to Die & # x00201d;  Edition - Credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin and Little Car Company DB5 Junior “No Time To Die” Edition – Credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin

This is due, in large part, to the second key difference: the roof, or lack thereof. Unlike the original DB5, which is a coupe, the junior version is a two-seater roadster. While that might drive some purists crazy, there’s no denying that the car is still a beauty. The change is not only aesthetic, because the absence of a roof makes it easier for children and adults to get in and out of the car.

Inside the DB5 Junior - Credit: Aston Martin

Inside the DB5 Junior – Credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Finally, a third (and more modern) change: an electric powertrain. The DB5 Junior is equipped with a 16 kW powertrain connected to four 1.8 kWh battery packs capable of generating almost 22 hp, according to Little Car Company. Thanks to this, the silver roadster can apparently reach a top speed of 45 mph, which we feel is more than enough for a children’s car.

Fortunately, one thing that hasn’t been touched on is a healthy variety of spy gadgets like 007’s. Accessed via a hidden control panel, they include bike license plates, a skid mode, a screen display. smoke and twin gatling pistols, which we assume (and hope) don’t take live ammo.

The DB5 Junior & # x002019; s gatling guns - Credit: Aston Martin

The gatling machine guns of the DB5 Junior – Credit: Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Unsurprisingly, such a faithful recreation as the DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition, especially a 125-piece limited edition, doesn’t come cheap. The limited-edition children’s car starts at £ 90,000 (or around $ 123.00), more than double the previous more expensive collaboration of the two brands. Yet when you consider what Aston Martin’s full-size DB5 recreations go for, it might actually be a good deal.

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