Best Full Size Bed in a Bag

Which full-size bed in a bag is best?

Investing in a “bed in a bag” makes switching up bedding styles fun and easy every season. A double bed is the size that many teenagers, college students, and first-time apartment dwellers have in their bedrooms. When buying a double bed in a bag, make sure that the fabric and design are of high quality.

There are many stylish options for a double bed in a bag, including Amazon Basics Bed-In-A-Bag Ultra Soft Microfiber 6-Piece Bedding Set. It’s made of soft microfiber and comes in a variety of prints.

What to know before buying a double bed in a bag


Since the bedroom is usually where the day begins and ends, it is essential to choose an interior design for the bedroom that gives a feeling of tranquility and comfort. A bed in a bag is an easy and budget-friendly way to decorate a bedroom. There are different bed-in-a-bag styles, such as seasonal, decor-specific, and classic styles. This makes it easy to purchase a bed-in-a-bag with the necessary bedding pieces to fit your desired bedroom aesthetic.

Double beds

Also known as a double bed, double beds are 75 inches long and 54 inches wide. This size mattress is best for a single sleeper. Those who sleep in a double bed have plenty of room to stretch out and turn over during the night.

Bed in a bag pieces

In an average bedroom, there are four pieces of bedding: a fitted sheet covering the mattress, a flat sheet, a blanket and pillowcases. A bed-in-a-bag includes more bedding than is typically found in a bedroom.

A bed in a bag can come with a mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, comforter or duvet, pillowcases and of a bed skirt. The more items in a set, the more expensive it is. No matter how many pieces are included in a set, the colors and patterns are coordinated. With additional bedding pieces, the price is higher, but the value is still greater than buying the individual pieces separately.


When shopping for a bed in a bag, consider the materials used and how they are constructed.

  • Comforters should have patterned seams instead of just straight lines. When stitching is done in straight lines, the stuffing creates baffles and may appear lumpy after washing.
  • It is important to note the thread count of the sheets. Bed sheets in a bag often have a thread count of less than 200. Open the package and smell for threads if not specified. They should be soft to the touch and not scratchy at all. The thread count of the bedding should be between 200 and 400 to ensure softness.
  • Note whether the sheet pockets are deep. Standard size sheets will not fit a pillow top mattress as they are too shallow. However, deep pocket sheets can accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches thick.

What to Look for in a Quality Double Bed in a Bag

Duvet Set vs Bed in a Bag

The difference between duvet sets and bed-in-a-bag sets is that duvet sets do not contain sheets or other extras such as pillowcases or bed skirts – standard duvet sets do not. include only one comforter and two decorative pillow shams. A bed in a bag is better value due to the extra parts.

Number of pieces

Determine if the basic elements are enough for the decoration of the room or if more is needed. If only the basics are needed, choose a six- or eight-piece bed in a bag set. In case more bedding accessories are needed, get a set of ten to fourteen pieces.

How much you can expect to spend on a double bed in a bag

In general, a full-size set that includes a limited number of pieces like a comforter and shams costs less than a set with more pieces. Depending on the number of pieces and the quality of the bedding, a full-size bed in a bag should cost between $40 and $75.

Double bed in a bag FAQ

Who should buy a bed in a bag?

A. Since the parts do not need to be purchased separately, a bed in a bag is both practical and economical. It’s also useful because everything is coordinated. It’s a smart choice for anyone starting out on their own or replacing all the pieces of an old bedding set.

What is a pillowcase?

A. Unlike a pillowcase, a pillowcase is a decorative cover that is not intended to be used for sleeping. When not in use, it is placed on the bed with the remaining pillows. Shams can also be used to support the back when sitting up in bed.

What are the best double beds in a bag to buy?

Top double bed in a bag

Amazon Basics Bed-In-A-Bag Ultra Soft Microfiber 6-Piece Bedding Set

What do you want to know: This reasonably priced bed in a bag includes 6 pieces and is made of ultra-soft microfiber material.

What you will love: This full/queen bed in a bag set is available in a variety of classic colors and designs. Pieces include comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow shams, pillowcases and bed skirt. The 100% polyester and microfiber materials are produced in an OEKO-TEX certified factory.

What you should consider: Sheets should be washed according to instructions to avoid damage or shrinkage.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top full size bed in a bag for cash

Sweet Home Collection 7 Piece Bed-in-A-Bag Solid Color Comforter &  Sheet set

Sweet Home Collection 7 Piece Bed-in-A-Bag Solid Color Comforter and Sheet Set

What do you want to know: For an affordable solid color bedding set, you can’t go wrong with this option from the Sweet Home collection.

What you will love: This machine washable full size bedding set includes a comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. It is available in a variety of solid colors. Materials are high quality, made from 100% double brushed microfiber and goose down alternative with advanced stitching design.

What you should consider: Some find that the bedding colors pictured do not exactly match the colors received.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Smart design complete bed in a bag

Smart design complete bed in a bag

What do you want to know: Available in a variety of bohemian designs, this matching set is stylish and eye-catching.

What you will love: This eight-piece microfiber set includes pillowcases, shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet, comforter, and accent pillow.

What you should consider: Considering the price, dry cleaning is better than machine washing to avoid issues like fleece.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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