Bizarre Xbox Glitch Claims Halo Infinite Update Has Absurdly Large File Size

A Halo Infinite player tries to update the game on his Xbox, only to have the download list show a comically high download size.

The latest entry into the long term Halo The series is a big game, but the file size still manages to keep itself below the competition. One player, however, encountered a confusing issue with the Xbox download screen that was calling for an update for Infinite Halo is several thousand times the size of the game itself.

Infinite Halo launched late last year to positive reception, with praise for its free-to-play multiplayer component, which was playable before the main campaign. The campaign is also generally considered to be the best developer 343 Industries has ever released, as it does new things while maintaining the feel of older campaigns.


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Player YOLO_Y33T shared an image of a weird issue with an update to Infinite Halo; despite the time estimate showing a reasonable time of 21 minutes and 40 seconds, the update size estimate shows a download of 16,777,215.96 terabytes. For perspective, that’s over 17 billion gigabytes, over 350 million times Infinite HaloThe initial install size of was 48.42 GB in total. A game this big wouldn’t even fit on pro-level gear, let alone an Xbox Series console.

Fortunately, the problem seems purely cosmetic; YOLO_Y33T shared in a later comment that the upload was somehow successful. Most likely, the number displayed was different from the system’s actual estimate of the download size. Actual game file sizes are getting absurdly massive, but hopefully sizes that exceed a terabyte are still many years away.

Whereas Infinite HaloThe actual size of around 48GB is relatively modest compared to other recent games, it still takes up a significant amount of the Xbox Series X’s limited internal storage. weren’t incredibly expensive, as some fetch prices almost as high as the console itself. Storage estimation bugs aside, it would be fair to say that game file sizes are out of whack.

Despite the high storage and system requirements, Infinite Halo is still a huge hit and has managed to retain a core playerbase thanks to its multiplayer. Long duration Halo fans and new players to the series are getting started with its free-to-play multiplayer, and the move to cross-platform, while confusing, has no doubt attracted new Halo Fans. With Halo: The Master Chief Collection already giving players most of the story to jump into, the question of when or if Halo 5 will come to PC is worth asking. Even with its mixed reception, leaving a mainline release behind is an odd decision.

Infinite Halo is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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