Blue Collar One Stamp: KP-9 PCC Spare Parts

Pistol caliber rifles have come a long way over the past decade, so in this build we wanted to build something that would serve as a cost-effective training tool, a decent competition pistol, and something that was just plain fun. to shoot.

This is a quintessential parts bin, assembled from components we had laid around in the dust. It was only after I bolted everything together that the discovery that one of the parts was no longer available came to light.

The heart of the construction is a lower 9mm KE Arms Polymer, fitted with its DMR trigger and 45 degree selector, mated to a heavy 9mm pad. One of the attributes this bottom brings to the table (besides the considerable weight savings over an aluminum version) is its adjustable fixed ejector, which is capable of accommodating a wide variety of 9mm bolts of various manufacturers.

This makes tuning the gun much easier, as unlike a 5.56 rifle, there is no Mil or TDP spec to work on. Based on the ubiquitous Glock mags, the bottom has an ambi mag version and selector, as well as a magwell that Stevie Wonder could find.

In keeping with the cost-effective theme of this build, the KP9 is considerably less expensive than a typical billet aluminum lower receiver, especially when you add the cost of a decent trigger, pistol grip, buttstock and stock. a receiver extension.

Blue collar a PCC KP-9 stamp

An Odin Works 7.5-inch 9mm barrel was sourced from Primary Arms, as was an Odin Works slickside upper receiver. We’ve permanently attached a Liberty Suppressors Mystic X box to it, bringing the entire unit to a legal 16.1 inches, which fits easily under an Icarus Precision SD handguard.

This handguard is no longer available, but they have indicated that if enough people harass them, they will bring it back – it really is a well-designed, well-machined unit that can accommodate cans up to 1.5 inches in length. outside diameter.

For optics, we selected a Holosun AEMS red dot reflex, which at nearly $500 is definitely over the budget, but worth it for the versatility it offers. The entire package weighs just 6 pounds, 6 ounces and tips like a magic wand, balanced just behind the front pivot pin.

Shot at a local steel match, the KP9-based 9mm AR performed creditably against much more expensive PCCs, proving that its blue-collar design philosophy isn’t holding it back.

Part Price
KE Arms KP-9 polymer lower receiver with DMR trigger and 45 degree ambi selector $500
Canon Odin Works 9mm $154
Odin Works 9mm smooth rod $129
Faxon Bolt 9mm $165
Icarus Precision SD Handguard $N/A
Mystic X Liberty Suppressor $699
Holosun AEMS holographic sight $471
Total: $2,118

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