Boil order issued for parts of Peoria, Bartonville after water main break

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – A boil order has been issued to approximately 3,000 Illinois American Water customers in Bartonville and Peoria following a water main break.

Authorities issued the boil order after a 16-inch water main burst near Interstate 474 in Bartonville caused low water pressure. A boil order is issued when water pressure drops below 20 pounds per square inch in any part of a community’s distribution system.

“A 16-inch main break is quite significant and they were able to turn around very quickly, so we appreciate that and are working to ensure that this boil water order can be lifted as soon as possible. said Karen Cotton, spokeswoman for Illinois American Water.

Kayla Meanus, eyelash technician at Hello Beautiful Beauty Bar & Boutique, said several schools in the area had closed, disrupting the workday.

“We had to pick up our children from school, which has already affected a few customers in our time today. And a few people had to cancel because they couldn’t come because of the water outage,” she said.

Repairs were made and water service/pressure restored to customers Wednesday afternoon, but the boil order remains in effect.

“I think it’s important for people to understand that we understand the downsides of breaking the water line in order to boil water, and we’re working very quickly and also very safely to perform repairs,” Cotton said.

Meanus said dealing with a boil order is frustrating, but they’ll get through it.

“It will slow everything down. We’ll have to boil everything now for at least five minutes to make sure it’s safe for us and the kids. So it’s going to be a little tough, but it’ll be fine, we’ll get through it here,” she said.

Resident Steve Laudy said he was impressed with the turnaround time.

“We thought it might be a day or two before they fix it. It was in about an hour that we had water again,” he said.

His wife Dottie said it was the first time they had suffered a broken water main.

“It scared us a little at first because we had never had to deal with this before,” she said.

Cotton said Illinois American Water is working to collect water quality samples to ensure it meets EPA standards. She said the boil order should be lifted by Thursday morning.

The control card shows the affected area extends from Bartonville McDonald’s and Hardees past Alpha Park to Tuscarora.

Customers affected by the boil order are encouraged to boil their water for five minutes before using it for drinking or cooking. Officials said the water could be used for bathing, laundry and other common uses.

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