Borderlands 3 fan builds life-size vending machine replica

Fans of Borderlands 3 present their life-size recreation of an in-game vending machine, complete with a weapon rack and other features.


2K Games and Gearbox software released Borderlands 3 in 2019 and fans of the series continue to express their appreciation in various ways. One Borders fan recently decided to create a Borderlands 3 vending machine replica.

YouTube user SentencedToBurn recently posted a video showing their Borderlands 3 vending machine replica. Crafted from 18 gauge panel steel, this replica is motion activated and features several different customer greetings inspired by Borderlands 3. Upon activating the replica, SentencedToBurn’s vending machine exclaims a familiar quote from Marcus Kincaid that the in-game vending machines usually play.


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The vending machine will illuminate in several different colors, with a bright blue light indicating that the unit is active. This light generally acts as a character interface with the game’s vending machines, just like similar machines in other titles such as Fortnite, and it’s no different with the SentencedToBurn replica as the light is a button used to rotate the weapon rack. Their machine features a weapon rack that glows a different color depending on the outward facing panel as it would in Borderlands 3. The colors of the weapon rack include green, orange, pink and mainly white, the color of the base weapons in Borderlands 3.

Comparable to all vending machines from Borderlands 3, SentencedToBurn’s replica features a screen at the top showing what it offers, similar to the Borders arcade machine shown by another fan recently. The screen of this replica shows Borderlands 3 fans reload in scrolling and styling influenced by a similar gaming screen, with the lower half of the narrow LCD panel displaying a plethora of bullets. Just as the font on the screen quickly scrolls to the right, there are three small bulbs that light up from left to right.

There are several slots and buttons on SentencedToBurn’s vending machine, most of which are used just to appropriately represent the in-game machine. One of these slots lights up in the same way as the light indicating the vending machine. is on and it seems that it is the body insert that Borderlands 3 the characters would use it to buy weapons. SentencedToBurn showed in their video how easily the side panels can be removed for maintenance, also showing off the few cables that make the Borderlands 3 visuals possible.

When SentencedToBurn first turned on its vending machine replica, the unit said “reasonably priced for peace of mind,” but there are several other familiar lines of dialogue from the game that play out as you go. interaction. Although Borderlands 3 offers several types of vending machines such as Ammo Dump and Dr. Zed’s Meds, the replica from SentencedToBurn is a standard unbranded vending machine. They also made a series of videos on their YouTube channel showing how the giant replica was created. With many Borders projects on SentencedToBurn’s YouTube channel, there may be more in the future.

Borderlands 3 is available now for Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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