Browning Ammunition Adds New Impactful # 3 Shot Size To BX

Browning Ammunition BXD Waterfowl Loads (courtesy Browning Ammo)

For many waterfowl, choosing a shot size within their non-toxic load is a compromise, especially when wary ducks hover over the outer edges of a lure.

On the one hand, # 4 shot loads carry enough lead to provide solid pattern coverage over the spread, but not with the hard hitting performance of # 2 shot. This often leads to blind questions of how to get the most out of both loads in a high quality cartridge.

If this is the dilemma your blinds face, worry no longer with the new # 3 BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance Cartridges from Browning Ammunition. Now available in 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge shells, these # 3 charges are premium-grade plated round steel balls designed to keep the grounds tight at 50 and 60 yards while delivering enough lethal energy to such distances to shoot down a green head at the end of the season which flies with difficulty.

Browning BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance # 3 Loads:

Gauge Hull length Shot size ounces Speed
12 3 “ 3 1 1450 fps
20 3 “ 3 1 1300 fps

Using long-range, aerodynamically stabilized wads, this new Browning BXD waterfowl load maintains Shot Load # 3 as it traverses the hole at speeds of 1,450 feet per second for the 12 gauge and 1,300 feet per second for the 20- gauge. The fillings also help control the separation of pellets loads – 1 ¼ ounce in 12 gauge and 1 ounce in 20 gauge – which provides a better pattern as the load moves downward.

Thanks to its high quality plated round shot, corrosion resistance and better aerodynamic performance are additional advantages for this new load size according to Browning.

“All shots are not created equal,” said Ben Frank, director of Browning Ammunition brand, in a press release announcing new charges # 3 and a 2018 RNA product award following the NRA annual meeting in Dallas.

“Browning BXD Waterfowl uses the most optimal shot for this range of ammunition and combines it with a specially designed wad to provide waterfowl with the ability to shoot tight patterns at longer ranges of up to 50 and 60 yards.”

Look for new # 3 Browning BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance loadings at local retailers soon. For more information visit

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