Chevy Corvette production suspended, again, due to parts shortages

Production of the Chevrolet Corvette in Bowling Green, Ky., is again suspended due to parts shortages. Chevy does not specify which component is in short supply. A spokesperson said Automotive News that the situation was not related to a lack of semiconductors.

Chevrolet provided the following statement on the situation to

Due to a temporary parts constraint, Bowling Green Assembly is taking a time out this week (week of March 21) on the first and second shifts. Our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with suppliers to mitigate additional production impacts and we expect to resume operations the week of March 28.

Like many vehicles over the past few years, Chevy has had to stop Corvette production several times. The reason hasn’t always been parts shortages, however. In December 2021, a tornado hit the Bowling Green plant. It caused a fire, damaged part of the roof and destroyed an employee’s entrance.

GM had to close the 2021 Corvette order books earlier than expected. A parts shortage forced assembly to stop for the model year so the ’22 version could arrive on schedule. The company continued to fill all orders already placed.

One of the 2021 shutdowns lasted about two weeks. Initially the goal was to have the components in a week but that didn’t happen. Chevy said the problem was not related to the microchip shortage.

Production breaks did not begin in 2021. reported that Chevy was having trouble building the Corvette in October 2020, and a UAW strike delayed the start of C8 assembly.

As for the future, a rumor suggests that production of the 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 could begin on May 9. Generally, several weeks pass between the start of assembly and the first deliveries of a new vehicle.

It’s important for Chevy to resolve these production difficulties because not only is there still demand for the standard C8, but the Z06 and E-Ray hybrids are also coming. There are even rumors that the ZR1 and Zora variants will arrive later. All would come from the Bowling Green plant.

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