Cyclops Athlete Gaming part ways with Call Of Duty Manager over homophobic remarks

Cyclops Athlete Gaming has found itself in the news for days now, and certainly not for reasons it intended. One of her Tekken players, Tanukana, went viral earlier this week after a clip of her was released saying that short men ‘have no human rights’. By the time most of us in the west talked about it, she had already been released, so the team was probably hoping that was the end of it. Not at all.

Yet another player was kicked off the team, due to repeated instances of homophobia. Kbaton, the team’s former Call of Duty manager, was fired on Friday after a long history of homophobic slurs came to light. This comes after Tanukana was also accused of making homophobic comments, which Cyclops now seems to be trying to combat.


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As spotted by Kotaku, local reports indicate that Kbaton used homophobic language on a “daily” basis, and was also seen using ableist slurs directed at people with mental disabilities. This was revealed after Tanukana was fired, with many wondering why Kbaton was still in the team. Since this Friday, however, he is no longer and his profile has been removed from the official site.


This behavior does not appear to be an isolated incident. As documented in this blog, another player, Ayagator, was found guilty of making discriminatory remarks against Koreans and Chinese in the past. Ayagator still seems to be part of the team judging by his Twitter, and is hiding answers which mention his previous comments. It seems that the team sticks with him as the incidents took place before he got involved with them. It remains to be seen if they reconsider this position in the wake of further controversy.

Many criticized Cyclops Athlete Gaming for not taking action sooner. After Tanukana was released, it became clear that her comments about short men were just the tip of the iceberg, as she also ranted about people with small breasts and those without. work or low income. Tanukana has distanced herself from social media since these comments came to light.

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Apparently, this anti-short men professional gamer also doesn’t like people with small breasts and no jobs.

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