Destiny 2 Glitch Gives All Weapons Infinite Magazine Size

Destiny 2Haunted Season has entered its final month, with three weeks now dedicated to the newly reworked Solstice event, which was previously called Solstice of Heroes. With the new event system, Bungie has ensured that Solstice has its own set of Triumphs and a unique Seal, which contributes to a year-round Seal that encompasses all four major events in the game. Several changes have been made to Solstice in Destiny 2among which the aspect of armor farming is heavily emphasized to invest more in the construction crafting aspect of the game.


There are also two weapons usable with this year’s edition of the Solstice event, one being a Solar Shotgun called Compass Rose and a new 120 RPM Stasis Hand Cannon called Something New. What makes these guns unique is the fact that, just like Destiny 2In the latest edition of the Guardian Games, Solstice weapons now have their own event-exclusive Origin Trait, called Dream Work. The perk is meant to overflow weapon magazines or reload it from reserves on assists or kill enemies hit by teammates, and only once per reload.

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However, players quickly discovered that the Drem Work effect applies to all weapons, instead of being limited to Solstice ones, as long as players swap weapons between their initial shot and the kill performed. by an ally. So, Destiny 2 players can reload their Solstice weapon and repeat the process, overflowing any weapon’s magazine to its maximum reserves, as the perk stacks infinitely. This can translate to multiple rockets in the magazine, grenade launchers not having to reload, and all sorts of problematic things in PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 YouTuber and content creator Cheese Forever made a video about the glitch, describing how to trigger it consistently and what kind of effects it can achieve with a full squad of players doing the same. Popular weapons to overrun are guns like The Fourth Horseman shotgun, which will increase its damage exponentially the more it is fired, or even rocket launchers like Gjallarhorn. In fact, a short video appeared on Twitter of three players defeating Caiatl in Dungeon of Duality with nine rockets in Gjallarhorn’s magazine, completing the encounter in a single phase.

This is obviously not intended behavior for the perk, as it would completely change the current Destiny 2 meta in all game modes, and it’s likely that Bungie will fix it as soon as possible. Recently, Bungie addressed Destiny 2 PvP and harassment issues, and it’s likely the company will try to keep them from getting worse, which this issue might do if it stays around all weekend when Trials of Osiris returns.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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