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Tribune press service

Naina Mishra

Chandigarh, April 3

Skyrocketing tuition fees are gradually making education beyond the reach of the common man, with admission fees exceeding Rs1 lakh and annual fees for a kindergarten pupil exceeding Rs80,000 in private schools across the country. city.

One of the most expensive schools in Chandigarh – Strawberry Fields High School, Sector 26, charges Rs1,07,000 as one-time admission fee for classes VI to X and Rs1,55,000 per year as tuition fee.

For the humanities and commerce stream, Rs1,86,000 is the tuition fee and the cost of the science stream is even higher at Strawberry Fields with a fee of Rs2,00,000 per year. However, admission fees for higher classes are lower (Rs 37,200) than for children enrolled in junior classes. The costs of transport, external examinations, stationery and school trips are borne by the students in addition.

Atul Khanna, Principal of Strawberry Fields Secondary School, said: “Factors contributing to the high cost of education include satisfaction continuing professional development needs that are necessary to deliver high quality programs, associated physical and virtual infrastructure, contextual and relevant teaching and lesson planning tools and platforms, and funding for skill improvement programs schools in accordance with rules established by international accreditation bodies.

Next is Vivek High School, Sector 38, which charges Rs. 29,000 as a term fee for toddlers, which turns into Rs. 1,16,000 per year as the cost of educating a child in pre-primary class.

“The cost of living is rising and inflation is 6-7%. Fuel prices are rising. The water tariff in Chandigarh has also increased. When inflation has an impact in all areas, how can education remain economical? Private schools provide efficient education compared to public schools as we provide all the facilities. We have one teacher for every 15 students, whereas public schools have a student-teacher ratio of 1:30. Our expenses are much bigger and we have to fend for ourselves without any funding,” said HS Mamik, Principal of Vivek Secondary School.

At Delhi Public School, Sector 40, the annual fee for Kindergarten to V grades is higher at Rs98,400, while it is Rs99,600 for students studying in Grades VI to VIII. The cost exceeds Rs1 lakh mark as the tuition fee for classes IX to XII is Rs1,00,320 for a whole year.

The admission fee for Chitkara International School is 96,850 rupees, while the annual fee is 88,520 rupees (Classes I to V) and 90,280 rupees (VI to X). Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, charges Rs 80,616 as school fees per year for children enrolled in pre-kindergarten at KG.

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