Dramatic footage shows parts of South Manchester completely under water after Storm Franklin triggered ‘severe flood warnings’

Dramatic footage shows the aftermath of Storm Franklin in South Manchester after hitting the area.

Parts of Didsbury, Northenden and Withington were completely submerged under water after the storm brought heavy rain yesterday and into the early hours of this morning.

Didsbury Sports Ground was completely flooded, while Withington Golf Club was also left underwater.

Playgrounds at Parrs Wood Secondary School were left under a deluge of water and the nearby Palatine Road was closed due to flooding.

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Several roads in south Manchester were also closed this morning after huge trees fell in extremely strong winds.

It follows a night of concern for many local residents after two ‘severe’ flood warnings were issued on Sunday afternoon.

Flooding at Withington Golf Club

The warnings have been issued for the River Mersey in East Didsbury and the River Mersey in West Didsbury and Northenden.

Residents living near these areas have been told there is a ‘danger to life’ and must ‘act now’ after the river overflowed and reached extremely high water levels.

Councilors said 430 homes were at risk of flooding and a rest center was set up at Didsbury Mosque for anyone needing to evacuate.

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Although no formal evacuation took place, some elderly residents opted to go to the rest center where they were cared for overnight.

Manchester City Council leader Bev Craig confirmed that emergency evacuation operations had been suspended this morning.

After a review, the Environment Agency also downgraded the two ‘severe’ warnings issued for Didsbury and Northenden.

Flooding around Didsbury sports ground after Storm Franklin

However, the flood alerts remain in place and will remain ‘throughout the week’ until the Didsbury flood basin empties.

People who live nearby are urged to take care when traveling and to remain vigilant over the next few days.

Councilor Bev Craig said: “It’s a welcome relief that the severe flood warning has now been lifted for the River Mersey around West Didsbury and Northenden.

The River Mersey near the Waterside Hotel in Didsbury

“However, a flood alert remains in place and will most likely continue through the week until the Didsbury flood basin empties.

“We also expect continued wet weather over the next few days and a Met Office weather warning is still in place.

“So be careful if you have to travel today and throughout the week.

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Flooding at Parrs Wood High School playgrounds

“Fortunately, thanks to the competent management of flood defenses on the River Mersey, major flooding and formal evacuations have been avoided, but as the weather remains unsettled there is likely to be disruption to our roads and transport routes, so be sure to check the relevant websites before travelling, be careful and allow yourself extra time.

“We owe a huge debt of thanks to Environment Agency staff, emergency services and volunteers who worked with Council staff overnight to monitor the flood risk and keep us safe.

“Water levels appear to be falling but this will remain under review for the next few days so keep an eye out for information from Council and the emergency services.”

Heavy rain fell on south Manchester

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “This severe flood warning has been removed.

“However, a flood alert for the area remains in place meaning there is a possibility of properties flooding.

“The Environment Agency will continue to monitor the situation and inspect the area for any further impacts.

“Please note that there may still be hazards around the River Mersey due to the high level of the river.

“Please do not attempt to cross flood waters and avoid using low elevation trails.”

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