Dying Light 2’s reasonable file size revealed, cross-play, and likely microtransactions in

Yesterday, Techland rebooted the hype machine for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, revealing a new 7-minute gameplay trailer and, more importantly, a December 2021 release date. That said, there were still a few left. outstanding questions after Techland’s presentation – luckily a few of these were answered by Dying Light 2’s retail listings and other sources.

A new page for Dying Light 2 has been created on the Microsoft Store, and she says the game will be around 60GB, which is pretty reasonable for a complex open-world game like this. Of course, the file size might change when the game launches, but that seems like a pretty good indication that Dying Light 2 won’t be a huge monster over 100GB.

Dying Light 2 PC Specs Revealed – RTX 3080 GPU is required to run ray tracing at 1080p @ 60

Microsoft’s list has a few other interesting details, including confirmation that the game will feature ray tracing, as well as “Xbox cross-platform co-op,” which Techland has yet to directly confirm. A new note for Dying Light 2 was also posted on the ESRB website, which seems to indicate that a full cross-play between all platforms will be presented. In less exciting news, in-game purchases will also be a thing. Oh, and yeah, just in case you were wondering, Dying Light 2 will indeed be ranked M. The ESRB’s roster includes some rather squeaky detail on some of the more, um… “mature” lines in the game…

Players use swords, machetes, and makeshift pipes to slash and slash enemies; damage often results in dismemberment and beheading. Large blood splatter effects occur when enemies are hit; large spots of blood remain in the environment. The game contains suggestive elements in the dialogue (eg, “You are in bondage, are you … Too bad. The center page of this issue is … painfully sexy”; “Weird because I thought I was … knew all the women here. And I mean backwards “;” … I get all the fuck “;” I was giving you a compliment. “). In one sequence, we see a female character driving a man in his bedroom before the scene turns black The words “f ** k” and “c ** t” are heard in the game.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Unleashes on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, and PS5 on December 7th.

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