Fastest Method to Collect Cube Monster Coins in Season 8 Chapter 2

Cubic monsters are starting to be a primary target for Fortnite hunters, and the Sledgehammer questline focuses heavily on them asking players to take them down and collect coins. Cube Monster coins drop from defeated Cube Mosnters in Sideways Anomalies, giving players a clear target for where to head for this quest.

There are different ways to fight cubic monsters, including taking on a guardian wandering the map. Fortnite is determined to take these cubic monsters down, and they’ve put a bounty on their heads via NPC quests from characters all over the map.

Farm Cube Monster parts inside side anomalies for Fortnite NPC quest

Sledgehammer requires players to collect 50 Cube Monster Coins for their quest that rewards 30,000 experiences like any other in the chain. The fastest way to do this is to find a side anomaly and complete the encounter until the last cube monster.

There are still cubic monsters outside of The Sideways! The Horde Rush LTM and quests will be available after Fortnitemares. Kick in until November 9 at 9 a.m.ET. Good hunt !

Warping in a side zone will automatically trigger wave after wave of Cubic Monsters, and they will drop Cubic Monster pieces when defeated. Stay inside the Sideways encounter for as long as possible to take on dozens of Cubic Monsters, resulting in more dropped Cubic Monster rooms.

Cube Monster parts in Fortnite allow players to upgrade weapons found in side areas, similar to nuts and bolts that are also used for crafting, but with a different result.

Completing a Sideways encounter can produce large amounts of Cube Monster coins, and it won’t take much to farm 50 of them. The biggest challenge is defeating the monsters themselves, as players have to eliminate many enemies, requiring several weapons and a fair amount of ammunition.

Unprepared Fortnite players can roam the side areas and face a quick defeat without the proper gear. Farming Cube Monster coins by beating enemies in waves in the side anomalies is the most effective strategy to complete this quest. Players can accumulate these coins in a matter of minutes to complete this part of the Sledgehammer quests.

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