Fuchs 2 operator orders spare parts and hardware kits

Fuchs 2-wheeled armored vehicle. (Picture: Rheinmetall)

Rheinmetall receives a €250 million order for additional Fuchs 2 kits and spare parts from an undisclosed customer.

An anonymous “international partner” already exploiting the Fuchs 2 ordered additional hardware kits and spare parts for the 6×6 wheeled armored vehicle.

Manufacturer Rheinmetall announced on August 11 that the new order was worth around 250 million euros ($293 million). The manufacturer added that deliveries are planned from 2021 to 2023, with “production to be carried out in the country of the partner”.

Shephard Defense Insight has identified Algeria, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates as Fuchs 2 operators.

Based on the old Fuchs 1 design, the new vehicle features a more powerful engine, improved mobility, heavier payload and greater storage capacity, as well as a central tire inflation system.

The German military is the largest user of Fuchs 1, with the vehicle expected to remain in service until 2025 or beyond. There are 272 examples of the latest Variant Fuchs 1A8 which “provides much better protection” against mines, ballistic threats and IEDs compared to previous models, Rheinmetall claimed.

The manufacturer also created the Fuchs 1A8 Plus for better off-road handling with a new power unit and transfer case, improved steering system, and monitor and camera vision system.

“Legacy vehicles can be upgraded to 1A8 status,” Rheinmetall added.

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