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GodLike Esports has published their entire Valorant roster for unstated reasons. In an official post, the organization revealed that it is parting ways with its PC division, including stars like Antidote and Deathmaker. This separation is the result of “unfortunate events” that preceded the actual departure.

Valorant has become the next popular esports title in India and many former CS:GO stars have tried their luck on this new title from Riot Games. Many pros have moved from old to Valorant and looking at this booming industry, many new organizations have invested and hired new rosters.

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GodLike Esports has also ventured into PC gaming after leading a successful roster in the mobile games division. Their PUBG Mobile roster has produced promising results and they are also looking to achieve a similar result in Valorant. GodLike signed some well-known players on their roster and their future looked bright.

Even though the list failed to perform regionally, compared to other organizations like Velocity Gaming or Global Esports, their results were consistent and they were still considered one of the best teams in India . The roster had some of Valorant’s best players on board, but due to internal issues, the organization decided to remove their roster.

In the official message, they stated that this decision was made due to unfortunate events and even though the list is disbanded, the organization has decided to keep Haivaan as the content creator. The rest of the GodLike players are now free agents and we could see big organizations making the necessary arrangements to sign these stars in the near future.

It’s been reported that Deathmaker has moved to Velocity Gaming and since he doesn’t currently represent any teams, we may see some changes very soon. Antidote has been part of Velocity in the past and it will be interesting to see which roster takes it up next.

GodLike Esports will be focusing on mobile esports for a while and they recently picked one of the top rosters in India with players from the former TSM India team. The organization has even urged its fans to return to competitive PC esports in the future, citing that their return could be this fall or next year.


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