How to break parts of a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

When you fight a creature in Monster Hunter Rise, you will fight it against that monster for several minutes, trying to wear it down and thwart its massive attacks. It’s rewarding to defeat a monster and reuse its resources to craft your next set of weapons or armor. But you won’t receive all of a creature’s resources after defeating or sculpting it. During combat, you may need to cut out parts of a creature. There are certain resources that a monster only drops during battle, but you have to break that part during combat to receive it. There are several methods of breaking these parts, some require a cutting weapon and others require a blunt weapon.

If you are trying to cut a monster’s tail off, you need to use a weapon that specializes in high damage. You’ll want to use a Glaive Insect, Spear, Longsword, Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, or Greatsword to remove these parts from a monster. But these weapons are not as effective as bludgeoning damage when removing monster horns or pieces of armor.

Bludgeoning damage is a powerful weapon type that allows you to crush a monster’s armor. You want to use the hammer, the hunting horn, the switch ax or a charge blade. You want to hit those massive weapons against the monster’s most protective locations continuously until the pieces fly away.

You will find the pieces on the ground during the battle. You will have to wait to catch them when the monster runs away, there is a spare moment in the middle of a fight, or the precious time you have after defeating a monster to collect your new resources.

Breaking monster pieces can take time and precision. You will find yourself fighting a monster over and over again until you receive all of their parts. You can always refer to your hunter notes to study the overall odds of how certain monster parts fall from a creature.

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