How to make a backpack to increase inventory size

When the inventory is full in Raft, it is possible for players to discard unwanted items. This can be done either by pressing Q or by dragging the item out of inventory using the cursor. However, instead of throwing away items, it’s best for players to first consider getting storage space to keep their excess items.

But if inventory is replenished by traveling outside the raft, people will have no choice but to sort out which item they want more than the other. This can be very frustrating as it sometimes means rafters have to throw useful items. To avoid being forced to do so, Raft players can craft a backpack instead.


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How to increase the inventory size in the raft

To increase the inventory size in Raft, players must equip a backpack on their character. Only one backpack will take effect, so make sure you don’t pack more than necessary. This is particularly important because, unlike some equipable items in RaftBackpacks do not rot or break.

So far, there are two types of backpacks available:

  1. Backpack: Adds 10 more inventory slots
  2. large backpack: Adds 15 more inventory slots

How to make a raft backpack

To make a normal backpack in Raft, people must first learn it at the Research Table. For this they will need:

After researching the item, a backpack will now show up in the crafting menu. To create a bag, the rafters require:

  • Leather x4
  • Rope x4
  • Wool x6

Meanwhile, a large backpack will not be available until players find its blueprint at Utopia. This place is the last location of the third chapter, so it will be a long time before people can access it. If the rafters haven’t started their story mode yet, they can do so by reaching the radio tower in Raft.

Of course, since this is a better version of the standard backpack, people need to prepare more resources to create one:

  • Leather x10
  • Rope x4
  • Wool x10

Where To Find Backpack Materials In The Raft

To get Leather, Rope, and Wool, here’s what players need to do:

  • Leather: Collected by killing:
    • Warthog: Available in tropical biomes
    • Mama Bear: Available on Balboa Island
    • Bear: Available in Evergreen biomes
    • Mudhog: Available in Desert Biomes
    • Hyena: Available in Utopia
  • String: Made from palm leaves
  • Oldest boy: Shorn of a tamed llama

Getting wool is the most tedious process, unlike the rest of the items. Luckily, llama wool is a sustainable resource, so unlike farming leather, players won’t have to repeat the process over and over again. Tame an animal RaftFollow these steps:

  1. Create a cage for the animal. It should consist of fences and a few patches of grass
  2. Get a Net Launcher and a Net Canister
  3. Find a llama on a large island
  4. Catch the llama and bring it back to the raft
  5. Make sure he always has grass to feed on and use shears to harvest his wool

Raft is available on PC.

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