How to use the Apex Legends Dual Shell hop-up in Season 11

Apex Legends is now in its eleventh season. Maybe some players are wondering when they will receive their Heirloom Shards. How far are you? Check with this Apex Legends Heirloom Pack Calculator.

Apex Legends is already in Season 11, with many dedicated gamers even remembering the game’s release in 2019. Certainly the most wanted items throughout the game’s lifespan are the Illustrious Heirlooms, which are still rare to find. this day.

While we are well into Season 11, we have yet to see a new Legacy. Some leaks suggest it could be for Wattson. Either way, players may still be interested in how close they are to unlocking one with Heirloom Shards.

More and more players are starting to join the Apex Legends community. Even big streamers like NICKMERCS are currently choosing to play the game on Warzone.

For all of these new players, and even those who have been playing for a while, Heirlooms are rare. However, there is a way to calculate how close you are to owning one.

Heirlooms are wanted items in Apex Legends that can only be acquired in two ways:

  1. Through Gathering Events, players can unlock a new Heirloom by purchasing the Event Set.
  2. Players also have a 1 in 500 chance of receiving 150 Heirloom Shards in an Apex Pack if they’re lucky.

Collectible Events give players the chance to unlock a new, never-before-seen Legacy that will only be available for a limited time. Once all of the event items have been collected which can be quite costly.

The other way is to use Apex Packs, as the game will grant players 150 Heirloom Shards either by chance or on a player’s 500th pack. For those wondering how far off this 500th pack they are, there is a handy website you can refer to.

Apex Legends Heirloom Pack Calculator

Apex Legends Inheritance Calculator

By calculating your level achieved in each Season’s Battle Pass, Daily Treasure Packs collected, and Event Packs received, the Apex Packs Calculator website can roughly estimate how many packs you have opened. Therefore, how much you are left before you receive your Inheritance Shards in the 500th.

Keep in mind that you might need to estimate some categories, like the number of packs you’ve purchased or the number of treasure packs you’ve collected in previous seasons. However, even with rough estimates for these categories, you should still have a good idea of ​​how many packs you have opened.

You can get an even better estimate by checking your account stats for each season in the lobby menu by clicking on your name. This will give you a breakdown of your level achieved each season and make the Apex Pack Calculator more accurate in terms of how many Seasonal Packs you have opened.

This is all so that players can calculate the number of packs they have opened with the Apex Legends Heirloom Calculator. For more, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL and check out our article on Every Season 11 Legend Ranked.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / Apex Pack Calculator

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