ILA | Biden focuses his ban ambitions on ‘gun parts’, among (many, many) other gun control items

Since he won the Democratic presidential nomination, we have been Warning Americathe gun owners that Joe Biden is no “moderate” when it comes to gun control. Just scroll the extensive gun control program posted on its official campaign website should make this point very clearly. This is a wishlist for (and probably compiled by) Americathe most ambitious proponents of the gun ban. Bidengun control plans are so large and detailed that they encompass not only the guns themselves, but each of their individual parts. In fact, if Biden was successful, the sale of gun parts over the Internet would be banned altogether.

If that sounds far-fetched, here’s a direct quote from the so-called “BIDEN’S PLAN TO END OUR EPIDEMIC OF ARMED VIOLENCE”:“ Biden will promulgate legislation to ban all online sales of firearms, ammunition, firearm kits and parts.

These are his words, not ours.

“[A]”Online sales of – not just working firearms or ammunition or even building kits – but” gun parts “would be banned under a Joe Biden administration.

Think about it.

We all know that experienced gun owners love to customize their guns to suit their personal preferences and anatomy. We also know that some parts with strong wear will eventually have to be replaced by anyone maintaining their skills with regular practice of the range.

What is so threatening about buying harmless and mundane parts like sights, grips, triggers, hand guards, firing pin, choke tubes, as well as any number of springs, screws , rings or other utility material that it should be completely banned from the Internet?

Too bad for the gun owner living in rural Alaska, Montana, or Wyoming who just wants to replace the grip panels on a revolver so that it fits their hand better or to add from night sights to a self defense pistol or to change the spread of a shotgun with a new choke. Any of these generally straightforward operations could require a several hour round trip to the nearest gun store if Biden is successful.

What if this store doesdoes not carry the necessary parts or is only opened while the gun owner needs to be at work? Under a Biden presidency, the gun owner is simply out of luck.

The Internet has become an indispensable part of modern commerce. No retail sector could survive for long if it was completely purged from the online marketplace. For Joe Biden, however, this end result would be a feature, not a bug, of his plan to ban “all online sales of … gun parts.”

After all, BidenThe “gun violence” plan also seeks to repeal the Law on the Protection of the Legal Trade in Arms. It is the law that is uniquely responsible for preventing opportunistic trial lawyers, gun control extremists, and militant judges from conspiring to cripple America.the gun industry with crippling new forms of liability.

Nor can Biden and his apologists claim that he is only trying to ban usable firearms or “ghost gun” construction kits from the online sphere. True, he tries to ban the use of the Internet for the transfer of firearms even between authorized dealers, as well as for the sale of frames or unfinished receivers which can – with sufficient tools and know-how – be used to build a gun.

But all of these things are mentioned separately in its released gun control program from its plan to ban ALL online sales of gun parts.

Indeed, Biden makes his intentions unequivocal by linking to the website for the so-called “Peace planPublished by March for Our Lives, the gun ban group whose spokespersons include the always opinionated (and generally wrong) David Hogg. We wrote separately on the extremism of the “Peace Plan”; it suffices to say here that it is nothing less than a plan for comprehensive civilian disarmament. On this subject in particular, its prescriptions include a “ban on everything and everything in line gun and ammunition Sales or transfers, including gun parts(Emphasis added).

It is of course already true that federal law prohibits the online purchase of a firearm usable for direct shipment to ahis own residence. Like any initial purchase of a retail firearm, one that is selected and paid for online must be received in an in-person transaction with a federally authorized dealer at the buyer’s home.state of residence, along with background checks, record keeping and other formalities common to all dealer sales.

Biden, in other words, isn’t just looking to fill in the gaps. It seeks to purge the industry that sustains our Second Amendment rights from the ordinary channels of modern commerce.

Owners of firearms should be wary, because handing over the “moderate malarkeyJoe Biden’s power in the US presidency would have potentially irreversible consequences for their right to own and bear arms.

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