In the Kherson region, the invaders suffer losses in the size of the company’s working group – Arestovych

As a result of a failed offensive, Russian occupation troops suffered losses in a company task force in the Kherson region near the village of Oleksandrivka, said adviser to the head of the office of the President Oleksiy Arestovych .

“Another direction where the enemy tried to carry out a tactical offensive is Oleksandrivka in the Kherson region. It failed. In general, it suffered losses in numbers around a company task force,” said Arestovych said during a briefing at the president’s office on Sunday.

According to him, at present, the enemy continues to advance towards Mariupol, north of the JFO area, southwest of Izium, and is also trying to take control of the defense area to the south. -west of Luhansk region: Rubizhne, Popasna, Severodonetsk, Lyssytchansk. And from Izium to the southwest.

Violent street fighting takes place in Mariupol. The Armed Forces are on the defensive.

In the Kharkiv region, the enemy is concentrating reserves, firing repair units.

As noted by Arestovych, in the Black Sea basin the invaders began to paint the side numbers of their ships in order to hide damage and losses.

Moreover, according to him, the Russians continue to lose planes rapidly.

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