Incorrect version of Mortal Shell listed as free PS Plus game for some users

Players who attempt to download the free version of Mortal Shell on PS Plus will find a different version on the screen than what is actually available.

enhanced edition of deadly shell

While the most recent free game bundle coming from PS Plus was initially considered by fans as one of the best deployments in months, issues appear to be emerging with the versions of the titles available. A new issue seems to be surfacing for PS5 gamers looking to download the 2020 Soulslike indie darling, Deadly shell, and accompanying him Improved edition that it should be free for those on the new console.

the Improved edition of Deadly shell released in March and offered updated frame rates and resolution to players on next-gen consoles as a free upgrade for players transferring from previous systems. It has since been clarified by developer Cold Symmetry that the version available through PS Plus is not going to be the Improved edition, but a mistake with the cover made some players expect the opposite.


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Players have shared what appears on the PlayStation Store at the time of writing this article when they attempt to download the free version of Deadly shell with PS Plus. Specifically, the PS Plus page of the PS5 store shows that the Improved edition is what is included with the service, as opposed to the original version which is actually offered. The result is that gamers expect to download the Improved edition, only for the base version to appear in their libraries due to the mix of box artwork displayed.

It’s a little thumbnail issue showing the wrong information, but the false hope comes as a sting after already being told that the Improved Edition of the Deadly Shell would not come with the included PS Plus games. Fans have continued to use what appears to be a bogus publicity as yet another reason to give December’s PS Plus games an even harsher reaction than the service initially received. This is an unfortunate situation that could be quickly resolved once PlayStation Store finds out about the error that has put some customers in the wrong way.

With a company of Sony’s size and scope, gamers are hoping they won’t see this type of error with a thumbnail promising something that isn’t actually available. However, these errors do occur and fans of Deadly shell and the PS Plus service will likely be unhappy with what appears to be misleading on the part of the company. Hopefully Sony will be able to fix this issue quickly, although there is unlikely to be any action other than exchanging the sticker.

Deadly shell is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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