Jake Paul handicaps Hasim Rahman Jr. on huge height difference

Jake Paul was visibly the smaller man by a considerable margin when he faced heavyweight opponent Hasim Rahman Jr.

Not one to let an advantage get in the way of one of his fights, the YouTuber is already working on boiling Rahman down.

Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr.

Paul, who has outstripped many of his previous opponents by thirty pounds or more just to pack on as much muscle as they want, won’t allow Rahman to have any advantage.

Rahman weighs over 220lbs but has weighed around 250lbs in his career. “The Problem Child” inserted a clause in the contract to ensure that Rahman could not weigh him down on fight night and rehydrate too much.

It’s all in the plan to give Paul the best chance of winning the fight. It’s nothing more than Pay Per View headliners haven’t done in the past.


Floyd Mayweather with Canelo Alvarez and the Mexican against Sergey Kovalev are just two examples.

Rahman is not worried. However, being forced to lose so much weight will affect his potency.

“I don’t worry about the weight. I was just at camp for a fight. Then I went straight back to the gym,” the former amateur star said.

“Weight is not a factor. I fought at 200 pounds for years as an amateur, so losing weight is exciting for me.

“It will open doors for me in the boxing ring.”

Arrogant Jake Paul

Jake Paul, as confident and arrogant as ever despite the apparent size difference, said: “You’re probably a little nervous about what happened [when we sparred].

“But under the lights with ten ounce gloves it will be different. That’s why I practice this sport.

“I don’t do this sport to train. I do this sport to fight. When it hits the Madison Square Garden spotlight in front of 20,000 fans, you’ll see the results. »

Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza is once again looking forward to polarizing hardcore boxing fans with another help from the Disney PPV kid.

New audience

Espinoza again cited this “new audience”, which seems to consist of “boxing fans” who know nothing about the sport.

“Jake Paul clearly moves the needle like no one else,” Espinoza pointed out. “At SHOWTIME, we are proud to do business with him.

“He is clearly bringing the sport to a new audience.”

As long as they pay the Pay Per View money, who cares, huh?

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