Jamie O’Hara Complains About Reducing EPL Size To Remove “Gunk”

FORMER Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara names the Saints in a long rant about downsizing the Premier League, in order to get rid of “embarrassment” and “irrelevant games”.

O’Hara played 93 times in the England top flight before constant injury issues meant he was not deemed good enough himself and gradually fell through the leagues, eventually ending up in the first isthmic division in the early thirties.

Now four teams have yet to win a Premier League game this season, including the Saints, and O’Hara has highlighted them and has targeted Norwich specifically as an embarrassment for the division.

His solution would be to reduce the size of the league to 18 teams to prevent the big teams from “bumping into each other”, with smaller teams “killing” the division.

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He got into the rant when speaking on talkSPORT and said: “There are 20 teams in the Premier League and it is getting almost ridiculous with Norwich.

“They haven’t won a game yet and there are other teams involved in this game, Southampton, Burnley, Newcastle and Norwich have yet to win a league game this season.

“It raises the question for me, Norwich who came back into the league are the whip boys, I said at the start of the season and got a stick load but again they show that they are embarrassing.

“It raises the question of all this talk about player fatigue, the too many games, the big teams looking to make the Super League that I’m against.

“But they’re starting to get the hang of it with irrelevant football games. I think you can drop it to 18 teams. Get rid of bad teams, get rid of slag.

“It is killing the Premier League because it has reached such heights now, these games like Norwich come in and get beaten, killing the Premier League, it’s pointless.”

O’Hara has represented England Under-21 on seven occasions but has never been called up for the senior squad.

What do you think of his comments and suggestions?

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