Jeep and Mopar performance parts announce Wrangler 4xe upgrades

Jeep is jumping for joules these days. Starting with the launch of the Wrangler 4xe hybrid SUV here in America, along with other electrified products available overseas, the Jeep brand aims to be the “greenest SUV brand on the planet” and is not shy about it. to market its intentions. That being said, the current camp of Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts have been showing some caution, who are unaware of how customizable these vehicles are. And it is fair. However, Mopar today announced unique Jeep performance parts for the Wrangler 4xe, along with other compatible upgrades currently available on Mopar’s website.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe 2021 Accessories:

JPP 2 Inch Lift Kit (77072522 | $ 1,495): The industry’s first lift kit for a plug-in hybrid vehicle is specially designed for the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid vehicle application. Kit includes four springs, four FOX shocks, front lower control arms, front and rear stabilizer links, front and rear bumpers, various mounts and the JPP badge, all packaged in a custom, reusable wooden crate with the JPP logo.

Image via Jeep

240 Volt Home EV Wall Charger: These 240 volt chargers are available with the Mopar or Jeep brand that can be hardwired (HCS40 | $ 621.50) or offered as a plug-in configuration (HCS40P | $ 647.90) for charging at home, a must for anyone with a PHEV or VE. Charging times are five times faster than a standard 110-volt wall outlet.

JPP Performance Parts Jeep Accessories Mopar Wrangler 4xe
Image via Stellantis
Jeep Performance Parts Wrangler 4xe 240v charger. Image via Stellantis.

JPP Rock Rails (82215165AB | $ 925): JPP guardrails reinforce the lower body protection of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. The rails are rolled and constructed of zinc plated steel for superior corrosion resistance. The exterior surface is then coated with an electronic coating followed by coating with the DuraBull truck bed liner material.

JPP Tubular Doors (77072498AC | $ 1,195): Constructed of 2 inch heavy gauge round steel tubing, JPP tubing doors incorporate standard door hinges, while rubber stops are used for added strength for a solid fit and finish.

JPP Mirror Kit for Tubular Doors (77072562AA | $ 215): To always have rear visibility with the doors closed, the Jeep Performance Parts mirror kit includes two side mirrors that solve the architectural compromises of the lack of a door in the JL Jeep Wrangler. These will be available in early May.

JPP Jeep Performance Parts JL Wrangler Rubicon Half-Doors
Jeep Wrangler Half-doors, Base. Photo in Jeep.

JPP half-doors (part of the Dual-Door group – sales code AJB for two doors | $ 2,350; AJB for four doors | $ 3,995; AJS for two doors | $ 2,550; AJS for four doors | 4,395 $): Ordered as an option when purchasing a new vehicle, the Mopar Custom Shop offers the two-door package which includes both solid doors and half-doors. The new half-door option enhances the Jeep Wrangler driving experience with standard styling, safety and occupant protection. With lower window sills, visibility is improved during on and off road maneuvers. New top window assemblies – available in Basic Vinyl (AJB) or Premium Acrylic (AJS) – create a weathertight seal and feature zippered plastic windows for quick and easy removal. Available at the end of summer. These half-doors are a direct response to what the Ford Bronco will offer.

JPP Front Bumper (82215691AD | $ 1,275): This heavy-duty front bumper available for the JL Jeep Wrangler 4xe and other variants is made of electronically coated, black powder-coated steel, with D-rings included for extra towing capacity. This bumper is intended to be paired with the Jeep Performance Parts Rubicon Warn winch.

JPP Rubicon Warn Winch (P5160095AC | $ 1,595): The JPP Rubicon Warn winch is waterproof and fully submersible to ensure reliable operation during fording and other adverse conditions. The winch includes 100 feet of Warn Spydura synthetic rope and is finished in three-stage zinc phosphate, e-coat and powder coating.

JPP Winch Mount Kit (82215182AC | $ 450): Designed to fit the Rubicon steel front bumper and JPP front bumper assembly, the mounting kit ensures proper alignment with the vehicle’s airbag deployment strategy.

JPP Grid and Winch Protection Bar (82215351 | $ 249): The grille and winch roll bar are made from 2 inch black powder coated steel and bolt to either the Rubicon steel front bumper or JPP steel front bumper.

7-inch JPP Off-Road LED Light Kit (82215386AB | $ 725): Emitting 8,000 lumens each, a pair of 7-inch off-road LED lights provide increased visibility for dark nights on the trails. Plus, they look cool.

JPP Swing Door Hinge Reinforcement (82215356AB | $ 625): At the rear of the vehicle, the JPP swing door hinge brace allows a larger spare wheel to be fitted to the swing door. The brace is black powder coated and works with the production hinge for easy installation.

JPP Oversized Spare Tire Carrier Modification Kit (82215355 | $ 275): At the rear of the vehicle, the kit provides various spacers to adjust the stock spare tire carrier to accommodate the larger wheel / tire assembly. The bracket is painted with a corrosion resistant black finish.

JPP Center Elevated Brake Light Relocation Kit (CHMSL) (82215349AB | $ 85): The CHMSL Relocation Kit allows customers to add larger tires to the spare tire carrier at the rear of the vehicle and move the CHMSL to the center of the spare tire.

All-season floor mats (82215986 | $ 165): All-weather floor mats feature high-walled bucket-style construction to provide maximum coverage and protect floor surfaces from moisture, snow, mud, dirt and grime. The black set of four mats features a terrain-style surface design and a red Jeep logo on the front mats.

Molded Cargo Tray Kit (82215988 | $ 129): The molded cargo bed kit provides full coverage of cargo space and seat backs. The kit includes a cargo floor for the floor and two pieces of backrest cover (60/40 seat style). The cargo bed is black and features a red Jeep logo.

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid will now be supported by the Jeep 4xe charging network with stations near the legendary starting points.
Image Via Jeep.
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