Khamal Georges leaves CNC3

CNC3, a subsidiary of Guardian Media Limited (GML), has announced that Khamal Georges will no longer be part of the company.

Georges was one of the presenters of the 7 p.m. newscast at CNC3 and was also the newsgathering editor.

In a notice, the CNC3 specifies that the departure of Georges will be official on Saturday June 17.

The company also wished him good luck.

“Khamal has been an integral part of our team, holding various positions throughout his 13 years in office. He joined CNC3 in 2009 as a journalist and quickly moved on to several positions within GML, including producer, presenter and finally newsgathering editor, a role he took on in 2018,” said said the company.

“Over the past 13 years, Khamal has demonstrated skill and leadership beyond his years. At the start of his time at CNC3, he distinguished himself as a competent and courageous journalist. He is renowned for his ability to deliver high quality reporting under difficult circumstances.

“His coverage of the impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016) and Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa (2013) are just two examples. Throughout his career as a presenter, he has interviewed several current affairs personalities with distinction. It also anchored and produced special multimedia coverage of events such as elections, budget presentations and breaking news situations,” the company said.

According to CNC3, while Georges’ on-air accomplishments are well known, his off-camera work was most inspiring.

“He has served as a mentor and coach to many young journalists and is highly regarded in the media fraternity.”

“As Khamal leaves GML to pursue other professional ambitions, we join our viewers in wishing him the best in his future endeavours. He will always be part of the Guardian Media family.

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