Kimber Micro 9: the pocket-sized 1911

When Kimber introduced its Micro in 2013, it was an early hit among those who wear for self-defense. The pocket-sized single-action semi-automatic pistol has all the look and feel of a 1911, but in a much more compact size. It is chambered in .380 ACP, a suitable choice for summarily stopping a criminal attack with proper shot placement, especially with a modern bullet design. This cartridge, however, is not everyone’s preference.

Kimber responded by rolling out a more powerful 9mm chambered version called the Micro 9. “By making minor changes to its original design, Kimber engineers were able to fit the mighty 9mm round into the micro subcompact envelope” , the company announced during the May 2016 introduction. “Although slightly larger, the overall size is still suitable for carrying in a pocket holster or other extreme concealed carry options and was designed to look just as good as and efficient than its little brother.”

The length of the stainless steel barrel has increased from 2.75″ to 3.15″ and the overall length of the gun has followed suit, increasing from 5.6″ to 6.1″. Magazine capacity and rifling twist rate remain the same, at seven rounds and 1:16″ (left hand), respectively. The 9mm also weighs 2.2 oz more with an empty magazine, at 15.6 oz.

Kimber has a variety of models available today, in many different finishes, colors and configurations. The Micro 9 Rapide Black Ice is one of his latest, for example. The lightening cuts on the slip speed cycle, but they also offer an attractive and racy look. Add the TruGlo The TFX Pro Day/Night Sights and G10 Grips are ready to carry right out of the box. MSRP is $986.

All Micro 9 models feature a thumb safety, bobbed hammer, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, and full-length guide rod. MSRPs vary by model, and there are plenty to choose from, including special editions, versions with pre-mounted optics, and finishes that include stainless steel, desert tan, and more.

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