Large hail is affecting parts of northern Tarrant County

Many people in Tarrant County are bracing to file insurance claims due to all the hail damage caused by Wednesday night’s inclement weather.

The town of Keller, north of Fort Worth, was hit hard by the storm. Dozens of vehicles were damaged in downtown Keller.

Jeff Harshbargen had two vehicles parked outside a hotel and now needs to have them fixed. He said his family was staying there because their home was damaged by broken pipes during the winter storm in February.

The Care Now medical clinic where Lepaul Evans works has been seriously affected by the hail. He was there when severe weather struck and saw many vehicles being crushed by hail.

Evans said it was not nice to be there when the worst of the storm hit.

“About the size of a tennis ball. We knew that when it slammed against the windows. The windows here are pretty thick so it was like, you know, hoping our cars could withstand it. But like you can. see, everyone’s vehicle took a real nasty beating, ”he said.

“It looked like it was coming from the roof. It was coming down hard. It was like bang! We were huddled together in the bathroom,” added Bryce Davis.

Davis said he had seen fairly large hailstorms in North Texas, but it was the worst he had ever seen. After the storm, hail was everywhere. He said it looked like a field of snow covering the yard. He and others will begin to assess the full extent of their property damage in the light of day.

The body shops around Keller are filling to the brim. But at Mason’s Paint & Body, it’s not just the vehicles that show the devastation of the hailstorm.

“We have had ceiling leaks and water on the floor and water on our desk and people needing help all day,” said owner Dena Mason.

The hail was big enough to pierce Mason’s roof.

This was not at all surprising given that the National Weather Service received reports of hail in Keller as large as 3.25 inches on Wednesday evening.

“The vast majority of our claims currently come from North Texas, particularly Tarrant County,” said Camille Garcia of the Insurance Council of Texas.

The organization reports that there have already been more than 7,500 complaints across the state. Some have been roof damage, but mostly vehicle damage. But it’s just not about surface damage.

“We see a lot of cars that just can’t be driven because it’s not safe to drive,” Garcia said. “We see a lot of windows, blown windshields, that of course means water intrusion which can cause unknown damage to your electrical system.”

People used plastic wrap, blankets, duct tape or whatever they could find to cover up damage to vehicles, from hail ranging from the size of golf balls to baseballs.

“The tail light was broken. Just damage that I didn’t even know could happen with hail,” said Alethea West.

Some exploded windows remain visible.

“It looked like there was an army of men on the roof with baseball bats hitting the roof. That’s what it looked like, an army of men beating the roof,” Jeff Florence

Florence and his wife, who were at the Hampton Inn on Wednesday night, said it was the worst hail damage they can remember in the 24 years they’ve lived in Keller.

A few miles away, water damage and the exhibit wreaked havoc on the nonprofit Community Storehouse. A shop where the group sells donated items represents 60% of its funding.

“We have furniture, we have clothes, we have books. We have high end items that are going to be a complete waste,” said Megan Stiller, of Community Storehouse.

Fortunately, the mayor of Keller said no injuries were reported. At this time, they do not anticipate that there will be any declaration of disaster.

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Heavy rains and strong winds also hit the Parker County community.

Parker County Emergency Services said gusts of wind destroyed several mobile homes near Eagle Mountain Lake. Three were hospitalized with minor injuries.

High winds ripped part of a metal awning from a house in Weatherford. FOX 4 viewer Jennifer Goodwin shared the video.

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