Lawmakers are working to reduce class sizes in New York schools

NEW YORK — A bill to reduce class sizes is going through city council and could become a reality in six weeks.

The goal is to have smaller classes through a new approach, with a change to the city’s health code.
The goal is to have one person per 35 square feet of classroom space, which is more than double the current health code standard. This would allow anywhere from 14 to 21 students in the classroom.

This would require the city to buy or lease new educational spaces or add access to buildings as well as hiring about 13,000 new teachers.

“This administration has made historic investments to support lower class sizes and we are leading with fairness this year by providing targeted funding to our most needy schools to reduce class sizes,” a Department of Education spokesperson said. Education. “Classrooms are already limited so that each student gets the individual attention they need and our benchmark approach to reopening schools speaks for itself.”

The bill is backed by the United Federation of Teachers, President Michael Mulgrew said.

“We know that at the end of the day, you get better grades in school,” Mulgrew said. “The thing is, they don’t want to make it a priority because they don’t want to have to.”

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