Macy Gray tells Piers Morgan ‘changing your roles doesn’t make you a woman’ as she slams rules on transgender athletes

SINGER Macy Gray has slammed the rules on transgender athletes – telling Piers Morgan changing your parts ‘doesn’t make you a woman’.

Macy, 54, said she knew people would “hate me for saying that” but thinks “that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you ‘her’ and just because you have had an operation”.


Macy Gray told Piers Morgan that transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to compete against biological women in sportsCredit: Talktv

The American singer made the controversial claims during an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored last night.

Addressing the topic of transgender women in sport, Piers said: “I support all trans rights to fairness and equality.”

But he added that he does not support transgender people with “superior physical bodies” who beat women in their sports.

Macy replied, “I totally agree…if you want me to call you ‘her’ I will, because that’s what you want but that doesn’t make you a woman. just because I call you ‘her’ and just because you had surgery.”

And she said, “Just because you’re going to switch roles doesn’t mean you’re a woman, sorry.”

It comes after trans swimmers were banned from competing in women’s races following a rule change designed to protect female athletes.

Global swimming regulator Fina says the move will make women’s swimming fairer and “protect our athletes’ rights to compete”.

Piers said most public figures would be too afraid to say “what a woman is”.

Macy Gray agreed, telling the host, “I know!…I would say a human being with boobs. How about you start there? And a vagina.”

She added: “A woman is going through a completely unique experience and operation and getting together doesn’t change that.

“Being a little girl is an epic book, you know? You can’t have this just because you want to be a woman.”

The latest swimming rules mean that transgender women will only be eligible to compete against other women if they complete their transition before the age of 12.

They must also not have gone through male puberty.

Piers’ latest interview comes after he met ‘shockingly naive’ Bernie Ecclestone after the former Formula 1 boss doubled down on his support for Vladimir Putin.

He also claimed last week that Diana Ross “looked like a bunch of drowning cats” at Glastonbury.

And he hilariously told his friend Cristiano Ronaldo that now was the time to sign for Arsenal.

You can watch the full interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV, which also airs on Fox Nation in the US..

You can watch the full interview at 8 p.m. on TalkTV


You can watch the full interview at 8 p.m. on TalkTVCredit: Talktv
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