Mahua Moitra’s comments on Goddess Kali based on rituals in parts of West Bengal?

Trinamool Congressman Mahua Moitra’s remark about the goddess Kali has upset the party’s senior leadership. Many of them condemned the “highly offensive” comment which came at a sensitive time when the country was facing violent protests over BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet Muhammad.

“It gave the BJP new ammunition to launch a scathing attack on us. In fact, they would in parliament,” said a TMC MP.

In the midst of the controversy over the poster of a documentary Kali, which showed the goddess smoking a cigarette, Mahua on Tuesday told her that Kali was a meat-eating, alcohol-accepting goddess. This sparked a storm and FIRs were filed against it.

Other than condemning the comment and distancing itself, the TMC took no action against Mahua. What is ironic for the party is that the residence of TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is in Kalighat and she is a strong supporter of Kali. Every year Mamata conducts Kali puja at her home and invites many people to attend. Even Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, who is often engaged in verbal clashes with the Chief Minister, had visited her home on the day of the auspicious Kali Puja.

Former Meghalaya and Tripura governor Tathagata Roy, however, said Mahua was in a race with Mamata to bolster his pro-Muslim image. secular,” he said.

TMC sources confirmed that Mahua will be asked not to speak to the press for some time. She has been the face of TMC in the national media since winning Krishnanagar’s Lok Sabha polls in 2019.

Although many found her remarks deplorable, what she said is often practiced by a section of Hindus during Kali puja. And in his own constituency, Krishnanagar in Nadia district, there are villages like Belpukur near Dhubulia, where every house holds a puja during Kali Puja day – apparently a day before Diwali – and goat meat and alcohol is served.

A resident of Belpukur said, “Villagers who reside in Kolkata or other parts of India come back to their ancestral village and celebrate with liquor and meat. In fact, the meat is given as bhog (offering of the deity) by the sacrifice of a goat. Such practices are criticized by people, but they have been going on for ages.

While commenting on the goddess, Mahua may have tried to relate these experiences to Kali Puja. However, her portrayal did not go down well when she referred to Goddess Kali as a “meat eater”. Not all households in Bengal give goats as an offering during the Kali puja. Lawyer Vivekananda Barui, a BJP MP from Purulia, filed a police complaint against Mahua for his remarks. “Ignorance of the law cannot be invoked as a challenge to escape responsibility. Mahua Moitra is a sensible person with common sense and she made this statement knowing the consequences,” Barui said in the filed complaint. at Raghunathpur Police Station in Purulia Madhya Pradesh Police also registered an FIR against her on Wednesday for allegedly hurting religious feelings.

A former investment banker in London, the young MP acted irresponsibly but she was not entirely wrong, say some of the inhabitants of Kolkata. But while his comment is interpreted differently, the party is in a sticky situation.

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