Mass Shooting in Chicago – “A Million Casings,” Officer Told 911

A dispatcher asked, “What do you have on the scene for the [evidence technician] proceed?”

“A million casings,” replied an officer.

“Alright. Let’s go between 30 and 50,” the dispatcher suggested.

Two people are dead and eight injured on Chicago’s Gold Coast. It is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city and a few blocks from the Magnificent Mile, a main tourist destination. This is certainly not the area in which one would expect something like this to happen.

My day started with a text from a student who had taken one of my hidden carrying courses. He lives a few blocks from the scene of the shooting. He doesn’t always carry his gun on him and I often tell him that he has to make it part of his daily routine. I asked him what he thought of last night.

“I have a real fear of being caught at random in the crossfire. It certainly led me to start wearing all the time rather than once in a while. It’s a priority every time I leave the house.

Witnesses said a large group of young people were fighting outside McDonald’s last night when gunshots rang out around 10 p.m. Police arrived within minutes and began pursuing a man with a gun.

Witnesses also report that while officers and paramedics were treating the injured on the sidewalk, a fight broke out between a group of other people, further adding to the chaos. Gunshots were heard again around 10:45 a.m., and other people were hit.

Another student who lives a few blocks north is texting me with another link. She said: “As a neighborhood owner, I don’t feel safe in a city I’ve loved for over 20 years. I don’t remember hearing these issues when Daley was there. Lori Lightfoot has to go.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot released a statement on the shooting, saying, “Residents of the area, commuters and others just need to have peace of mind that this high-traffic area is safe, and it’s time for more specific concrete action to address this area once and for all.”

Residents have been hearing this for months, and when people fear for their lives, they will find ways to protect themselves. The weather has just started to warm up and the calls I have received for concealed carry lessons have skyrocketed over the past two weeks. Usually calls for firearms training go down this time of year, but it doesn’t look like the summer won’t be slow.

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