Moment of horror Russian shell kills six civilians as they queue for humanitarian aid at post office

The HORROR video shows the moment a Russian shell hits a queue of civilians, killing six of them, as they waited in line for humanitarian aid.

Footage shows residents of the eastern city of Kharkiv queuing at the post office when suddenly a car explodes.


The moment the shell hit the queue of civilians
The body of a man transported in an ambulance


The body of a man transported in an ambulanceCredit: Reuters

The attack on civilians is the latest outrage by Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine.

Terrified people can be seen running for their lives after the explosion, with bodies lying on the ground.

A harrowing image shows the body of a dead man being transported to an ambulance by paramedics.

Regional Governor Oleg Synyegubov confirmed the atrocity, which took place on March 24, in a social media post.

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“The Russians fired long-range weapons at an office in Nova Poshta, near where Kharkiv residents were receiving aid,” he wrote, referring to a local postal service.

“Preliminary information suggests that six civilians were killed and 15 others were injured and hospitalized.”

It comes as at least 300 people are believed to have died in the Mariupol theater bombing after Putin’s savage troops shelled cowering women and children for safety.

Up to 1,200 terrified people were sheltering in the South Harbor Drama Theater when it was attacked by the Russians earlier this month.

The building was attacked despite the word “children” written on the outside of the building.

The historic building was used as a refuge from the relentless bombardment of the city by Russia, with meals provided and people sleeping there overnight.

After 10 desperate days of rescuing survivors from the rubble, the Mariupol City Council has now confirmed that at least 300 people are believed to have died in the bombing – the biggest loss of life in the war to date.

It comes like

Satellite images showed the word “children” written in large white Russian letters on the front and back of the building, space technology company Maxar said.

The pilot of the Russian plane who ignored the warning signs has been called a monster by Ukraine.

Drone footage shows Mariupol almost completely flattened, but 100,000 live among the rubble.

Despite the massacre, hundreds of Ukrainians lined up for humanitarian aid in the bombed city.

They risked death in a desperate attempt to get food and water against the backdrop of bombed buildings.

Russian soldiers stood nearby as besieged residents sought help in a city that is normally home to 400,000 people.

People in the queue ran for their lives after the shell hit


People in the queue ran for their lives after the shell hit

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