Mortal Shell: How to find and unlock the Ballistazooka

It’s slow, clunky, and hits like a truck. This is the Ballistazooka, the most powerful single-shot siege weapon mounted on the shoulder of the Deadly shell. The only one, in fact. If you want to leave your enemies as a stain on the wall, don’t accept any substitutes.

It’s not hard to find, unlock, or use, but it is expensive to purchase and armament. This guide will explain how to find the Ballistazooka and all of its associated items, as well as some tips that will make it easier to repair.

How to find the Ballistazooka

The Ballistazooka is initially unusable and you can find it on the workbench in Fallgrim Tower. The workbench is in an alcove opposite the weapon racks on the second floor, near the old prisoner. Specifically, the bench faces the Hammer and Chisel and Martyr’s Blade brackets.

You will not be able to interact with the Ballistazooka at first. It will win you over in the upgrade menu, however.

You will need a set of tools to repair the Ballistazooka, which you can get from the merchant, Vlas. It’s near the top of the Fallgrim Tower; his shop is on a broken road above the old prisoner.

From the entrance to the tower closest to the workbench, look left and you can see it in the distance through a hole in the wall.

If you go through the hole in the wall, you will come to a bell. Alternatively, you can start from the other side of the tower and take the path to the right.

Near the bell is a staircase that leads directly to Vlas. He’s a pretty cheerful boy, and once you’ve exhausted his initial dialogue, he’ll show his inventory. Inside are a large number of valuable items, from quenching acid to healing items, other consumables, and the most important item in the game – the lute.

You are here for the tools, however. This is the last item in Vlas’ stock. Note that the The tools are 8000 tar, which is one of the most expensive items of all Deadly shell.

agricultural tar

There are a few great ways to grow tar in Deadly shell. You can do things the long haul by killing any enemies you come across and, if you die, making sure you get your shell back. An arduous process, but there are enough enemies around to make it possible.

The Mist, which you can summon at your leisure as a noted in our Insights guide, spawns ghoul-like enemies, which have a good chance of dropping Tar Bags, granting over 300 Tar per use.

Mist also spawns Grisha world bosses, granting ~ 800 Tar and 6 glimpses per kill. Combined with the enemies killed by the Nocteserper ghouls, collecting the necessary currency shouldn’t take too long.

The third option is in a way an extension of the first. Enemy bosses drop the best bit of tar in the game, Nascent tar, which grants 2,500 units of the cloth. Three of these and a few smaller consumables make 8,000 tar easy.

Repair the Ballistazooka

However you farm the tar, when your pockets are full, head back to Vlas and buy the tools. Once done, head over to the workbench and select the “Repair Ballistazooka” option. It’s to the right of the Quenching Acid enhancement location.

With that accomplished, you are now the proud owner of a Dark Fantasy Rocket Launcher. All you need now is ammo. Fortunately, Vlas sells the weapon bolts for 800 tar per pop and has an endless supply. There are also over a dozen around the world to find.

Now that you have been able to find the Ballistazooka, brave adventurer, go ahead and turn your enemies into a red trail against the rocks. For more on Cold Symmetry’s action RPG for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, be sure to head over to our other Deadly shell guide here.

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