New Redfall Deep Dive Details Game’s Disgraced DNA, Open World Size

Dishonored (opens in a new tab)Developer Arkane Studios has released a detailed new video detailing its upcoming co-op shooter Redfall (opens in a new tab)and watching it is the first time I feel like I have a good understanding of exactly what Arkane is building.

As part of this year’s QuakeCon event, Arkane Studio Director Harvey Smith sat down with key developers from the Redfall team, including Creative Director Ricardo Bare and Art Director Karen Segars, to discuss various game features such as open world, playable characters, weapons and character skills.

One of the key details revealed in the video is the game’s open-world structure. Unlike previous Arkane games (with the possible exception of Prey), the city of Redfall is a truly contiguous and freely explorable space. It is also much larger than previous Arkane settings. “I think the Talos [space station] in Prey there were five football pitches, and the size of Redfall is a bit ‘hold my beer,'” Segars says. “We definitely challenged the whole team to do something that big.”

Smith adds more details. “It’s an open world, but it’s not a vehicular scale-based open world. It’s a walking-based open world. It’s a familiar setting, New England. is scary. [You can] walk through the place, enter mom ‘n’ pop grocery stores, apartments, get on top of buildings. And we try to put in as many environmental storytelling scenes as possible, and so it feels very lived-in.”

The video also explains how character progression will work. There are four different characters in the game, each with their own skills and abilities. However, it wasn’t clear how well these different abilities worked or how well players could interact with them. The video reveals that each character has their own skill tree, and pursuing specific elements of that tree can foster drastically different playstyles with each character.

“We’ve come up with a suite of really cool abilities and powers for players to choose from, just like we did in Prey and Dishonored,” Bare said. It then highlights Jacob Boyer, a stealthy character with powers of invisibility and a crow sidekick. “My Jacob may not be the same as your Jacob because I can choose to really dig into the crow skill tree and max it out.”

A final point worth discussing concerns weapons. The game features a wide range of firearms, ranging from standard FPS guns like assault rifles and shotguns, to more ad hoc weapons like flare guns. But Arkane’s most interesting weapon is the stake gun, a “found ammo” weapon that you can refill with “broken pool cues” and “broken mop handles”. He also has various colorful bayonet accessories, such as a harpoon, a broken guitar neck, and even a garden gnome.

You can watch the full video above. I’d say it’s worth it, because I have a much better idea of ​​what the game will look like now, and also how ambitious the project is. In short, it looks like Arkane is trying to make a bigger open-world shooter than Prey, with four Dishonored 2-style characters to play, which caters to both single-player and co-op up to four players. “At the end of the day, we’re hoping players will play solo if that’s what they want, and it’ll feel like an Arkane game, but it’s more expansive,” Smith said.

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