New York Auto Parts Show Sees Sydney Sweeney’s Pacifica Hellcat, Bronco

The 2022 New York Auto Show is in full swing, but there’s another auto show nearby that’s arguably a little cooler. All-new vehicles and concept cars certainly grab attention, but so does a Chrysler Pacifica with a Hellcat V8 under the hood. Incidentally, the same goes for a bright red classic Bronco personally restored by an accomplished Hollywood actress.

That’s what you’ll find at the first-ever New York Auto Parts Show, sponsored by eBay Motors and held in conjunction with the larger show. In some ways, it’s not unlike the infamous SEMA show, showcasing parts for the built-unbought crowd while showcasing high-level project vehicles to motivate you to finish your own.

2022 New York Auto Parts Show Hellcat Pacifica
2022 New York Auto Parts Show Emelia Hartford Honda traded in her Prius
2022 New York Auto Parts Show Sydney Sweeney Bronco

What notoriety are we talking about? You might recognize the Pacifica Hellcat; back in March, we mentioned it was a new work in progress car from YouTuber Tavarish. True to the YouTube swapped car scene, Emelia Hartford is known for her insanely fast Corvette C8, but at the New York Auto Parts Show she has a Toyota Prius called the reorganize. It swaps the standard hybrid mill for a Honda K24a four-cylinder engine, linked to a six-speed manual gearbox. The Tesla replaced by the V8 of Rich reconstructions is also there, and for the off-road crowd, there’s a wild 1990s 6×6 Ford Ranger from Grind Hard plumbing company.

Hollywood is also represented at the show in a very special way. Last year, was the first to report on actress Sydney Sweeney stepping in to restore her 1969 Ford Bronco. She managed to pull off the classic off-roader while still starring on HBO Euphoria and other projects like The Voyeurs for Amazon Prime. She shared the construction progress on her TikTok channel called syds_garage, taking care of everything from suspension upgrades to rust repair, welding and transmission work. The last update on his channel was in January 2022, but now we see the shiny red Bronco finished and looking great.

The New York Auto Parts Show opens April 14 at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan, located on Pier 76.

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