NRA Gun of the Week: Walther Full-Size PDP 4.5 “

From the pistol’s excellent dodecahedron-style texture and Super Terrain slide serrations to its 18-round magazines, the Walther Performance Duty (PDP) pistol is dressed to impress. Over the past decade we have witnessed Walther’s modern focus on ergonomics, and this latest market entry is nothing short of exemplary.

the Walther Weapons Full-Size PDP 4.5 “is an ergonomic and user-friendly pistol designed for the modern era, chambered for a 9mm Luger and engineered to fit the optics of the pistol. Even though the PDP fired from the pistol. attacker can be traced back to PPQ and Q series firearms, it is most certainly a different weapon designed to help the shooter optimize their performance on the range.

With the Full size 4.5 “PDP model, you get a full size pistol that measures 5.7 “tall with an overall length of 8”. The curb weight of this PDP model tips the scales at 22.3 ounces, add an empty 18-round magazine and the weight jumps up to almost three ounces.

All of our testing with the Performance Duty pistol concluded that this recoilable semi-automatic is a feature-packed design and offers plenty of features for the money. Adding optical plates to customize the gun to your style of red dot optics is an attractive feature in an increasingly saturated market of optics ready options.

To learn more about the Walther Arms Full Size 4.5 “PDP gun, watch our NRA weapon of the week video above.

Walther Arms Full Size 4.5 “PDP Specifications
Importer: Walther Weapons
Maker: Walther GmbH (Germany)
action Type: recoil, centerfire, semi-automatic pistol
room: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 4.5 ”
To glide: Carbon steel
Framework: polymer
Tourist attractions: polymer, three white points with adjustable back
Trigger: dismissed attacker; 4 lb, 8 oz. shoot
Magazine: Removable box of 18 turns
Height: 5.7 “
Length: 8 “
Width: 1.34 “
Weight: 22.3 ounces. (empty)
MSRP: $ 649

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