“Parts of bombs and AK47 machine gun ammunition found hidden in the house”

The transport would have included components of improvised explosive devices, detonators, explosives and a “large number” of bullets.

Search: Police discovered the loot earlier today

Bomb parts and ammunition for an AK47 assault rifle were found hidden in a house, it was claimed.

Police reportedly discovered the main arms shipment during an investigation into ‘dissident Republican terrorism’ in West Belfast today.

The fatal find was reportedly made in a house in Broom Park in the town’s Twinbrook neighborhood, Belfast Live reports.

Yesterday evening, sources called the find “substantial”, adding that it includes components of improvised explosive devices, detonators, explosives and a “large number of cartridges”, which are said to be primarily intended for an AK47.

Deadly: ammunition believed to be intended for an AK47 has been discovered



A 57-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the discovery.

Local sources say the house had gained attention recently before today’s police search

Reacting to the discovery, Sinn Féin MP for West Belfast, Jennifer McCann, said the seizure “must be welcomed”.

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She added, “Storing these items in a residential area where many elderly people live endangers the safety of these residents and many others in the long term given the nature of the seized material.

“There is no place for armed actions in our society. Those who intend to pursue him must stop immediately.

“There is a peaceful and democratic path to the achievement of a united Ireland and a new Republic. Armed actions will in no way bring these goals closer.”

A police spokesperson said: “The objects, found during a search by Serious Crime Branch detectives investigating dissident Republican terrorism, have been examined by the ATO and have now been removed for medical examination. -legal.

“There are no further details available on the items seized and police investigations are ongoing.”

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