Parts of northeastern Wisconsin see increase in deer catches as percentage statewide declines

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Wisconsin’s annual nine-day white-tailed deer season has now passed the midpoint, and as Action 2 News reported on Tuesday, the weekend’s harvest numbers of opening showed a 14% drop statewide from last year.

Now, we take a closer look at how hunters have performed so far in northeastern Wisconsin – who appear to have turned the tide.

The deer harvest in the forest area of ​​Marinette County increased 55%, as well as 42% in Oconto County.

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MNR officials say one of the reasons for the spike could be reduced concerns about the pandemic.

“It looked like last year in the northeastern counties there might have been more of an effect of people staying at home due to pandemic considerations and so we may have seen that it might measure a return of some people who decided to go up north, “said Jeff Pritzl, an MNR deer program specialist.

It could also partly explain why the southernmost counties in the region have had fewer deer caught.

As the statewide harvest for opening weekend fell, counties of Brown, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee, Sheboygan and Shawano were all down at least 20% by compared to last year.

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Pritzl says the weather and the way more and more people are hunting probably also played a role.

“This is one of the things that has really evolved with gun season, is the tendency of hunters to hunt while standing still, so we are much more dependent on the natural movement of deer and if it is This is a situation where deer simply do not move naturally. , we’re not going to see that many, ”Pritzl said. “Sunday the weather got worse so it’s no big surprise.”

With more hunters entering the archery and crossbow season than ever before – and plenty of late-season hunting opportunities yet to come – Pritzl says the season’s opening weekend gun does not quite have the same weight as before.

“It’s probably best to wait until it’s all done, add it all up, and then we can talk about the potential variables that influenced last weekend’s harvest,” says Pritzl.

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