Parts of UK rocked by 5.1 magnitude EARTHQUAKE as people wake up to clattering houses

Parts of the UK were rocked by a 5.1 magnitude EARTHQUAKE in the early hours of this morning.

Dozens of people reported their homes ‘clattering’ today as tremors rocked parts of northern Scotland.


People living in Scotland said they felt the quake this morningCredit: Volcano Discovery
The epicenter was located in the Norwegian Sea


The epicenter was located in the Norwegian SeaCredit: Twitter

The quake, which measured a magnitude of 5.1, occurred at 5.32am off the coast in northeast Shetland.

But due to the remoteness of the epicenter, the intensity of the earthquake in the UK was felt less than the figure recorded in the Norwegian Sea.

The British Geological Survey said it was felt in Shetland, Aberdeen, Ellon, Stonehaven, Helmsdale, Inverurie, Lairg, Huntly, Banff and Fraserburgh.

Britons reported hearing “low rumbling” as windows “vibrated” with the quake.

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Others said they felt “three waves of vibrations in about three seconds” as many were awakened by the tremors.

Meanwhile, people in parts of Scotland said their ‘bed was shaking and the windows were creaking’ and they ‘smelt it and heard it, enough to wake me up’.

The investigation said a report came from Aberdeen – more than 311 miles from the epicenter – which was around 86 miles west of Norway.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred below the earth’s surface in the Norwegian Sea.

More than 70 members of the public reported the quake, which reportedly lasted about two minutes, to the USGS.

Ryan Thomson, who lives in Wadbister, Shetland, said he woke up to something that looked like a “low-flying aircraft”.

He said: ‘I first woke up to the sound which was very much like a very low flying jet or extremely loud thunder, it wasn’t until I saw the light shadow moving that I clicked that it might be a small earthquake.

“There wasn’t much movement here, I believe other parts of Shetland felt it more, but the noise was extremely loud and quite alarming.

“Earthquakes are of course very rare but not unheard of here in Shetland.

“There was one about five years ago in a similar location, but it was certainly the loudest and most conspicuous I have ever experienced in Shetland.”


Tiffany Rollo, who lives in Sandwick, Shetland, said Shetland News: “I thought it was just a heavyweight or something passing initially.

“But it seemed to get worse with the whole house shaking and things on my bedside table rattling and vibrating.”

Adam Priest added: “The house shook for 30 seconds, like a tuning fork.

“It woke me up first, then kept shaking, slowly diminishing over the 30 seconds.”

In January, a major earthquake of magnitude 3.6 was recorded in the North Sea, in an area of ​​oil and gas platforms.

It struck about 146 miles east of Aberdeen.

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It is not yet clear whether Monday’s earthquake was also felt on oil rigs in surrounding areas.

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit the North Sea in 1931 and another in the region measuring 5.1 was recorded in 1958.

The 1931 Dogger Bank earthquake was the strongest earthquake recorded in the UK since measurements began.

A small, non-destructive tsunami wave is reported to have hit the east coast of England and other countries around the North Sea.

The largest known Scottish earthquake on earth occurred near Loch Awe in 1880, with a magnitude of 5.2.

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There are around 200-300 earthquakes in Britain each year, but the vast majority are so small that no one notices them.

However, between 20 and 30 there is a magnitude greater than 2.0 which can be felt over a wider area.

The 5.1 earthquake was felt in Scotland today


The 5.1 earthquake was felt in Scotland today
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